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Your vacation with the 9-Euro-Ticket (Part II)

Today, Part II of our socialbnb hopping in Germany follows. Here you’ll find Part I. A quick reminder: Since 1st June 2022, you’ve been able to take as many journeys as you like throughout Germany on all forms of public transport. And for just 9 euros a month, thanks to the 9-Euro-Ticket from Deutsche Bahn. So you’ve probably never been able to travel back and forth within Germany so cheaply and sustainably. We have a few tips for you on how you can make the most of the 9-Euro-Ticket and use it to travel to our unique socialbnbs.

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Win an overnight stay

By booking with socialbnb, you not only make a particularly authentic vacation, but also support the ecological or social project to which you travel by paying the accommodation price. Learn more about our vision to make tourism more equitable. Every month you still have the chance to win an overnight stay in one of our socialbnbs. What you have to do for that? Just sign up for our newsletter and you’re in the lottery. That’s a great way to combine the 9-Euro-Ticket, isn’t it?

Socialbnb hopping in Germany continues

Most recently, we presented the Wampendobler Paradies in Egglham. After a few days of pure relaxation, you can continue your journey – the next socialbnb is already waiting for you: Hotel einsmehr in Augsburg.

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Hotel einsmehr, Germany

Augsburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany and is known for its historic buildings and monuments. In the middle of Augsburg you will find our beautiful socialbnb Hotel einsmehr. The name is meant to illustrate that we should live more in the “here and now” and enjoy the moments to the fullest. It is an inclusion company dedicated to the topic of Down syndrome in the Augsburg region and also committed to inclusive structures – that means a society with as few hurdles as possible.

Our long-term goal is to employ people with and without impairments, to work together as equals, to learn from each other and to encourage other companies – especially in the hotel industry – to do the same.

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How about a city tour – the Fuggerstadt, the UNESCO World Heritage Site (Water Management) or the Augsburger Puppenkiste are definitely worth a visit. In addition, you can take hikes through the western forests along lakes and rivers or even take a day trip to Munich. From Bavaria, you can continue to the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, more precisely to the city of Klingenmünster. Here you can spend the night at the socialbnb Stiftsgut Keysermühle.

Picture by socialbnb
Picture by socialbnb

Stiftsgut Keysermühle, Germany

“Meet people – enjoy nature” is the motto at Stiftsgut Keysermühle. You need a quiet and powerful place to slow down, relax and enjoy? Then this is the right place for you. Stiftsgut Keysermühle is a non-profit company of the Bürgerstiftung Pfalz.

With its projects in the areas of nature and environmental protection, social affairs and culture, the Palatinate Civic Foundation wants to give impulses in the region, thereby including the citizens and sensitizing them to the use of natural resources in the region.

Outdoor activities are especially attractive in the surroundings of this socialbnb. You can go hiking in the nearby nature, cycling, visit castles or make a trip to the biosphere reserve Pfälzerwald. It continues to Much to the Hotel FIT.

Picture by socialbnb
Picture by socialbnb

Hotel FIT, Germany

FIT – stands for leisure, integration and conference. Embedded in our extraordinary leisure and conference offer the valuable “I” for integration: We warmly welcome people with and without disabilities as guests and employees.

Hotel FIT is a modern conference and leisure hotel in the middle of greenery, which is why it offers you a wide range of outdoor activities. The entire facility is barrier-free, and the rooms are very comfortable. Many beautiful half-timbered houses adorn Much; you can explore the area on a walk. With the 9-euro ticket, you can travel to Cologne for just 40 minutes and explore our city – how cool is that?

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Let us know if you visit one of our socialbnbs or actually use the 9-Euro-Ticket for a little socialbnb hopping within Germany. We hope you have a great, sustainable vacation!

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