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Vacation with dog in Germany

You spend as much time as possible with your dog and share your whole life with him – so it’s understandable that you also want to take him with you on vacation. Where you can best travel with your beloved four-legged friend, how you prepare for your trip and what you should not forget during your vacation, we show you here. This is how easy it is to go on vacation with your dog in Germany!

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Where to travel with your dog

In fact, Germany offers a very diverse range of vacations for you and your dog. How about a nice beach day to unwind and enjoy the fresh sea breeze. Both the North Sea and the Baltic Sea prove to be real highlights with their numerous dog beaches. For you, a beach vacation means relaxation and exercise, for your dog plenty of exercise, play and fun. Miles of sandy beaches invite you to take walks together, including picnic breaks.

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What you know as a dog owner is that you can combine active and nature vacations with your beloved four-legged friend. So a hiking vacation in Germany could be especially attractive for you. Along small streams and impressive waterfalls or through the mountains with breathtaking views – hiking is always a good idea. In our opinion, the following places are particularly suitable for this:

  • The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Thuringian Forest,
  • The Bavarian Forest National Park in the low mountain range,
  • The Harz National Park as the highest mountain range in northern Germany,
  • The Black Forest in the state of Baden-Württemberg,
  • The Upper Lusatian Heath and Pond Landscape Biosphere Reserve.
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Our socialbnb at the Eastern Upper Lusatia

Our beautiful socialbnb Naturschutzstation Östliche Oberlausitz in Saxony, more precisely in Mücka, offers you the opportunity to take your dog with you on vacation. The mill hostel is furnished with great attention to detail, the rooms of the last miller Lindner even restored. You are here directly at the 90 kilometer long Seeadlerrundweg – a very nice circular route.

In general, this accommodation is a place for animal lovers – for 30 years, moorland sheep and Boer goats have been caring for the valuable areas in Upper Lusatia, thus preserving rare animal and plant species. With the overnight price you support educational work in the field of nature conservation as well as the preservation of shepherds in the region, so that children and other interested people can continue to have access to knowledge about species and nature conservation.

Preparation for your vacation with dog

The best thing to do is to think in advance about how you want to travel within Germany. So plan your luggage in the car or reserve a seat on the train and don’t forget to buy your dog a ticket if necessary. No matter whether you decide to use public transport or the car, you should take your dog for a long walk before you start your trip so that he can start his vacation adventure relaxed and exuberant.

What should definitely be part of your packing list:

  • Documents: Pet passport with vaccination status, insurance documents,
  • Phone number of the veterinarian, possibly a local address,
  • Dog first-aid kit (incl. tick and insect spray!),
  • Transport container or dog basket with favorite blanket,
  • Leash with collar and name tag,
  • Comb, brush, grooming supplies,
  • Towels and disposable wipes,
  • Plastic bags/doggy bags,
  • food and water bowls,
  • sufficient food,
  • Water container,
  • Dog toys, bones, treats.
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During the journey

To make your stay with your dog a complete success, we have two tips for you. Firstly, we recommend that you do not change your dog’s food during your vacation. A short-term change in diet could unsettle your four-legged friend and cause him stress. On the other hand, you should also observe other rituals, such as the approximate times for walks, etc. so that your dog feels comfortable and you can also spend a pleasant time. Have fun on vacation!

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