Impact News: We were able to generate 2,934.20 USD through overnight stays on our socialbnb platform for the Zonca Ecovillage project in northern Italy. What can be implemented on site with this money and what Zonca Ecovillage contributes to environmental protection at all, you can find out here.

About Zonca Ecovillage

Zonca is a rustic and picturesque mountain village located a few kilometers from the “Parco Naturale dell’Alta Valle Antrona”. The village was largely abandoned in the 1960s. The reason for this was that many young people moved to Domodossola for better job opportunities, especially in the steel industry. Many older Italians from the village found life without an access road increasingly difficult and so it fell into disrepair.

Due to the lack of an access road, there was no possibility for the local residents to preserve the buildings. This is how Zonca got its unique character with all its ruins. Some houses are well over 400 years old and create a special mysticism in direct forest surroundings – silence and freedom. In 2009, an access road was finally built; however, the ascent on foot can still be described as very adventurous.

The inhabitants of the Zonca Ecovillage build paths together and maintain their terraces. In addition, each person has his or her own cottage with a garden; some have dogs, goats, sheep or chickens.

What impact does the Zonca Ecovillage create

Zonca Ecovillage belongs to the Consorzio Zonca association, which contributes to the promotion of sustainable development through institutional and public actions. The inhabitants of Zonca see themselves as a “neighborhood” in harmony with nature and aim at a sustainable lifestyle. They want to restore the village and preserve it for future generations.

Travelers should increase their environmental awareness and are therefore allowed to participate in ecologically sustainable projects, such as horticulture and forestry. The project thus pursues Goal 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) and Goal 15 (Living on Land).

What does the revenue from socialbnb mean for Zonca Ecovillage?

By booking an overnight stay at the Zonca Ecovillage, travelers support the preservation of the traditional village as well as the necessary renovation work. USD 2,934.20 was generated for the Ecovillage Zonca project through socialbnb-booked overnight stays. This helped to finance the renovation of a traditional house.

The roof was repaired, the balcony stabilized and, in addition, reforestation measures could be taken. In addition, fruit and ornamental trees were planted and rainwater was stored in order to continue to operate self-sufficiently. A current endeavor is to make a self-built biogas plant so that the village can be sustained in the long term and preserve its culture.

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