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Traveling through Europe: Exclusive tipps from the team

Your next trip is coming up and you definitely want to find THE hidden spot, THE insider tip or THE café? Something that is maybe not so crowded by tourists and is on the first page of every travel guide? Who doesn’t want that – our team of socialbnb is a fan of insider tips as well! That’s why we’ve put together a few recommendations for you with locations from European countries that we think you’ll definitely like.

Bordeaux, France

We were particularly taken with the old town in Bordeaux, which is lined with beautiful, old, but well-preserved buildings. There’s so much to discover that you’re bound to drink a coffee at some point. The Alchemist Coffee Shop near Place Gambetta is a great place to go. A small but very cool shop in a small alley – we only found it on the recommendation of a Frenchman.

Directly across the street, the café gets delicious sweet dishes from a chocolatier with fancy confections (also highly recommended!). And if you walk around the corner, you’ll find a small patisserie that makes Dunes Blanches – a specialty of Arcachon Bay and a must-eat for anyone who loves sweet pastries as much as we do!


Komani Lake, Albania

In the north of Albania, surrounded by an idyllic mountain landscape, lies the 34 kilometer long Komani Lake. Elena from our team was there and took a boat trip across the lake – and you should do the same when you are there! The lake is located in the middle of the Albanian Alps, so from the water you have a breathtaking view of the strongly craggy, towering rock faces with lush green vegetation. The fjord-like landscape is truly spectacular.

You can take the ferry across the lake – it runs three times a day between Koman and Fierzë. One way takes about three hours, which means you have plenty of time to observe the landscape. Drinks and food are also offered below deck, and music is also provided.

If you are traveling without a car, you can also take the Boat Dragobia. You can take a bicycle with you.

Komani Lake

Florence, Italy

No vacation in Italy without pizza, right? But then finding the right one can be a bit of a challenge. Especially in Florence, the city of the Renaissance, Medici and the world-famous cathedral, a city that is visited by millions of tourists every year (and rightly so!), you will probably get a pizza at every little corner. But Jule from our team managed to find the best one and recommends Gustapizza – especially the burrata pizza with pistachios! If you’re still in the mood for an ice cream afterwards, you should visit Gelateria la Carraia.

For an enchanting view of the city, head to Caffé del Verone. The rooftop café is located on the Museo degli Innocenti. From here you have a unique view of the cathedral and the whole surrounding area.


Turku, Finland

During her bike tour through Scandinavia, Melina discovered a small beach in Turku that she can highly recommend for your trip to Finland. The Ispoisten Uimaranta is located on a river that leads directly into the sea. You can go for a wonderful swim and jump into the cold water from a small jetty, sunbathe in the sand or on the meadows further up or enjoy your vacation in the shade under the trees further to the right. In the evening, the setting sun reflects beautifully on the water – and you can even pitch your tent there in the sand or – like Melina – simply spend the night under the open sky and look at the stars!


Algarve, Portugal

For the perfect summer vacation, of course, the perfect beaches shall not be missing. There are certainly plenty of them in Portugal, but Praia de Carveiro and Praia dos Caneiros in the Algarve are particularly beautiful ones. While you’re lying in the warm sand, you have a beautiful view of picturesque rocks lying in the water in front of you. Behind you, steep cliffs rise up, framing the bay along with small houses on top.

When the tide is low, you can also pass some rocks and reach another small bay at the beach – but keep an eye on the water, because at high tide you can’t go back. And with a bit of luck, you might even see some dolphins from the beach – like our team member did – who are showing off their jumping skills not too far away!

If you feel like some action, the nearest surf spots are not far from here. Sagres, for example, is only about 45 minutes away from Carveiro on the west coast of Portugal and offers the best waves for beginners and surf pros alike. Here you will also find surf schools and stores where you can rent boards and wetsuits. You will also be well provided with accommodation here – check out the Lighthouse Hostel, for example!


Hvammstangi, Island

At the beginning of September, the sheep drive starts here. Everyone, whether big or small, can lend a hand. If you feel like a bit of wellness afterwards, you can relax perfectly in a hot tub right by the sea, and maybe even watch some northern lights. There are a lot of good aurora forecasts on the internet, for example here.


Triglav National Parc, Slowenia

Definitely worth a visit is Slovenia’s only national park, the Triglav National Park. With its beautiful green alpine valleys, mountain giants, crystal clear lakes and diverse flora and fauna, it captivates almost every visitor. Laura from our team was there; she especially liked the Soča Valley. It is located in the northwest of Slovenia. Here, enthusiastic mountaineers, hikers, mountain bikers, nature lovers, recreation seekers and water sports enthusiasts all get their money’s worth. The upper part of the valley is dominated by the majestic peaks of the Julian Alps, while the lower part, in the direction of the Italian border, is dotted with gentle hills and invites you to take a relaxing bike ride or hike.

Not far from the national park you can stay in this socialbnb in the small town of Idrija. This is an easy way to immerse yourself in Slovenian culture and meet cool people. The hostel promotes and trains young people, who gain various skills for decision-making processes and event design, thus enriching the city. With your booking you finance the development of young adults in a simple way – what more could you ask for!

Kanal ob Soci

If we have awakened your wanderlust now, but you don’t have a specific destination in mind yet, just visit our website and book your accommodation there directly!

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