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Top barrier-free hotels in Germany

Today we want to explain why there is not “the one” accessibility, who is asking for barrier-free offers and introduce you to two brilliant barrier-free hotels in Germany, which are especially characterized by their comfort and friendly staff. One of the two hotels is even certified under the nationwide “Reisen für Alle” (which means “Travel for All”) labeling system. Here we show you where you can stay in Germany without any difficulty and where you can really relax.

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What is accessibility?

Accessibility grants people with any kind of impairment the possibility of fully effective and equal participation in life in society and is a human right. Often, barriers in everyday life prevent inclusion and participation. These barriers can be physical, communicative, legal or mental.

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Accessibility is comfortable for everyone

It quickly becomes clear that there is no “one” interest group that demands barrier-free offerings. Accessibility for one person does not mean accessibility for another. While some people are limited in their visual abilities, others are limited in their hearing, motor skills, cognitive abilities or other areas – and in varying degrees of intensity.

Tourism NRW basically distinguishes between the following interest groups: “Elderly guests, guests with walking disabilities, wheelchair users, guests with visual impairments, blind guests, guests with hearing disabilities, deaf guests, guests with cognitive impairments, families with small children.”

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It is therefore also important to understand that demographic change, i.e. the aging of society, is increasingly contributing to the demand for “age-related accessibility“. But let’s have a look at the other groups of people who also benefit from accessibility in everyday life:

  • persons with temporary consequences of accidents or postoperative impairments,
  • overweight persons,
  • people of short stature,
  • persons with baby carriages or heavy luggage,
  • pregnant women and children,

The list seems endless, so why hasn’t it long been standard practice for accessibility to be fully embraced and taken for granted in both the public and private sectors?

Accessibility is absolutely essential for 10% of the population, necessary for 30-40% – and comfortable and a quality feature for 100% of society.

Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, 2008
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Two top barrier-free hotels in Germany

1) Johanniter Hotel INCLUDiO in Regensburg

This beautiful socialbnb in the heart of Regensburg is an inclusion hotel. It is certified according to the criteria of the nationwide labeling system “Reisen für Alle“. Here you can see the short report on accessibility at Johanniter Hotel INCLUDIO. A detailed report can be provided by the hotel upon request.

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Johanniter Hotel INCLUDIO is a place where people with and without disabilities come together as travelers and employees; because more than 50 percent of the positions are filled by people with disabilities.

Johanniter Hotel INCLUDIO

What the hotel can offer you:

  • 84 barrier-free double rooms,
  • 18 rooms of them are wheelchair accessible and suitable for people with visual and hearing disabilities,
  • 4 meeting rooms with space for up to 100 people,
  • restaurant,
  • hotel bar,
  • wheelchair accessible wellness area with 2 saunas, relaxation lounge and fitness room,
  • WLAN.
Picture by socialbnb
Picture by socialbnb

Regensburg is considered the best-preserved medieval city in Germany and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2006. The surrounding countryside is also one of the most interesting and varied areas in Bavaria. Beautiful natural landscapes, characterized by river valleys, the nature reserve Weltenburger Enge with the world-famous Danube breakthrough, the vast plains of Lower Bavaria to the National Park Bavarian Forest – it offers you a unique variety of landscapes.

Picture by Simon on Pixabay

2) Alexianer Hotel am Wasserturm in Münster

We are licensed as an inclusion company in Münster. With ease, trust, openness and cordiality, people with and without disabilities work hand in hand. Our daily goal: to create quality with heart and thus make the stay of our guests as pleasant as possible. We create a more colorful working world and we love what we do.

Alexianer Hotel am Wasserturm
Picture by socialbnb

What the hotel can offer you:

  • modern and comfortable non-smoking rooms with barrier-free access,
  • 4 wheelchair accessible rooms,
  • WLAN,
  • Sky connection
  • exciting grounds: the Alexianer Campus,
  • a historic water tower from 1911,
  • quiet location on the outskirts of Münster.

This socialbnb offers you a worry-free and comfortable stay in bright, friendly rooms. On the campus you will find the “Garden of Silence” as well as the “Park of the Senses“, which invites you into themed areas for nature, self and body awareness as well as meditation and spirituality – go on a discovery tour or simply enjoy the time out and the peace.

Picture by socialbnb
Picture by socialbnb

Münster is the tenth largest city in NRW and is considered a very popular place to live among students. Whether with the family, as a couple or alone: Münster offers numerous activities in the countryside or in the beautiful city center, which is characterized by significant architecture. At Christmas time you will find unique Christmas markets throughout the city.

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If you are interested in sustainable travel, then we have a packing list for you here. So you never forget the really important things for your vacation. With a little luck, you could win an overnight stay at a socialbnb of your choice. All you have to do is sign up for our free newsletter. Good luck!

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