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Tomorrow Benefits Program x socialbnb

We are happy and proud to announce that we are now part of the Tomorrow Benefits Program and you can save 10% on your booking with socialbnb. Tomorrow advertises with the slogan “Banking for a better future” and offers its customers a sustainable bank account. A sustainable bank account – what does that mean? You should already know that banks use your savings and don’t just leave them in your account. What you probably didn’t know is what this money is used for. From Tomorrow Bank’s point of view, it’s being used for the wrong things!

Most banks use your money and invest it in weapons, coal and other harmful industries – without your consent. With Tomorrow, the money in your account only funds sustainable industries.

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What does Tomorrow do differently?

Tomorrow focuses on sustainable industries. This means that your money will only be used to support sustainable projects, such as ecological projects that ensure a better energy balance. Or social projects that are dedicated to the expansion of social housing. Tomorrow Bank is consistently transparent in its sustainability report and focuses on the really important things: sustainable developments.

What we like most about Tomorrow are the values we share, the positive change in sustainability and the transparency. Already 87.5 million euros have been invested in sustainable projects; you can see the success stories on their website. Who, if not us at socialbnb, would be a good fit for Tomorrow with its concept?

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A short excursion to socialbnb

We are socialbnb – a social startup from Cologne. On our platform you can book sustainable accommodations and financially support the ecological or social project you are traveling to with the overnight price. The projects cover the areas of education, nature conservation, animal welfare, equality, health and sports. So you can also filter your accommodation according to exactly these categories. “Travel with Impact” is the main focus.

In doing so, empty premises of the projects are used for overnight accommodations. Whether in a yurt, in a tiny house, directly on the beach or in the rainforest – the basic idea remains the same. Tourism should be used to support underfunded ecological and social projects in their important work. The vision is a tourism that benefits everyone, especially local communities. If you want to learn more about social travel, check out this blog post about that topic.

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Every purchase can be a statement for change

Not only the decision on which bank to put our money has an impact, but also how we spend our money. That’s why we want to make it as easy and intuitive as possible for you to make a choice that fits your values. With: Benefits

To make your purchase a statement for change, Tomorrow offers a benefit platform exclusively for its customers. Be part of the positive change and help supporting sustainable industries. As a Tomorrow customer, you can find various sustainable brands and offers in the app under the Benefits tab.

Tomorrow Benefits Program x socialbnb

We are happy and proud to announce that we are now part of the Tomorrow Benefit program. We’re excited to find a place alongside other top brands in the Tomorrow app and to work with Tomorrow to put money in the right direction. Check out the Benefit tab in the app for sustainable deals that will make you ready for summer.

Among others you will find also us. With the code given there you get 10% discount on your next booking with us. We do not deduct this 10% from the price of the overnight stay for the project. The project still receives 100% of the price of the overnight stay, which it has chosen itself. How does this work? We give up our commission. And all this to continue making tourism fairer. Be part of it!

Just remember: you don’t only have the choice where to invest your money, but also what to spend it on. Take a chance and easily create a Tomorrow account here to get 10% off your next socialbnb booking. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next social trip, feel free to subscribe to our free newsletter. Little tip on the side: we’re currently even giving away an overnight stay at the socialbnb of your choice among our subscribers every month. So, go for it!

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