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Things to know for your vacation in Malta

Today we want to look with you at the beautiful Republic of Malta. Did you know that Malta is the smallest country in the European Union? Located about 97 kilometers south of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta offers you not only summer temperatures, but also a fabulous panorama. So that you can enjoy your vacation in Malta to the fullest and don’t forget anything important, we have compiled a few important facts for you. Let’s go!

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A few key data of Malta

The Republic of Malta comprises the islands of the Maltese Archipelago. These include the three inhabited islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino, as well as the small uninhabited islands of Cominotto, Filfla, St. Paul’s Islands and Fungus Rock. Although the country is the smallest in the European Union, its population of around 520,000 makes it the fifth most densely populated in the world. Most people live in the capital region of Valletta – 394,000.

Valletta is the cultural capital and also one of the three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malta. The other two are the breathtaking Ħal-Saflieni Hypogeum – an underground cave consisting of halls, chambers and passages carved into rocks – and seven impressive so-called megalithic temples.

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What language do you speak in Malta?

Since the 19th century Malta was a British colony. It became an independent republic and a parliamentary democracy only in 1964. Despite the foreign domination in the past, the Maltese have preserved their own language. Maltese is one of the Semitic languages and has developed from an Arabic dialect. However, not only Maltese, but also English is a state language of Malta, which is of course due to the historical background.

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Stay with Impact near Valletta

Staying in the lively capital city of Valletta can be quite expensive. However, with only a 20-minute walk to Valletta, you can stay in a double room at our socialbnb Outdoor Artists in Marsa for just $23 per night – and with impact, too.

The aim of this socialbnb is to promote art and culture among the general public and to raise awareness of creativity in society. Artistic activities should contribute to the development of a healthy society and offer a break from the daily routine of life. The project aims to promote artists and connect people from different walks of life with free artistic activities. The premises will provide space for creativity, culture and inspiration.

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No forests, mountains, lakes or rivers in Malta

As an island, Malta is surrounded by the sea, so also by salt water. What is very scarce on the island, however, is fresh water. Seawater desalination and water treatment plants address this issue. In addition, water is used sparingly, both in agriculture and in private use. Drinking water is purchased in large quantities from the mainland.

Although Malta has neither forests and mountains nor lakes and rivers, you will experience a scenic coastal spectacle here. Particularly noteworthy are the carob trees, as well as the numerous olive trees and nearly 15 species of orchids.

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Caution, left hand traffic!

Yes, indeed, you have read correctly. The reason for the left-hand traffic goes back to the fact that the archipelago of Malta was a British colony from 1814, as we have already explained. Within Europe, only England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Malta and Cyprus have left-hand traffic. So you should keep this information in mind if you want to rent a car.

Don’t forget to pack an adapter

Also pay attention in terms of sockets. Same background, another important information for you: don’t forget to pack your adapter for three-pin sockets (type G).

Malta as a popular location for Hollywood movies

An impressive range of Hollywood films have already been shot in Malta’s picturesque scenery. For example, the successful films World War Z, Gladiator and Troy, as well as the hit series Game of Thrones, are partly set on the group of islands. Isn’t that amazing? Robin William’s first feature film Popeye The Sailor – College of Hard Knocks was also shot in Malta. The set for the fishing village of Sweethaven was built in the picturesque Anchor Bay.

Although the film was not a great commercial success, it was decided after filming to preserve the artificially created film set as Popeye Village Fun Park. The attraction village with wooden houses and plank paths was rebuilt twice completely true to the original after fires.

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