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The most beautiful campsite in Namibia

In southwestern Africa you will find the beautiful country of Namibia. It is called “the land of red silence” among other things. Get insights on why it’s worth traveling to Namibia and what benefits a camping vacation offers you. The best part is, you’ll be traveling with impact and supporting a great project with your overnight stay. Stay tuned to find out more. The most beautiful campsite in Namibia is just waiting for you to visit.

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Why Namibia?

Namibia offers travelers a varied and above all unique stay. The Etosha National Park in the north of the country attracts numerous animal species and offers a unique landscape panorama. The frequently untouched nature invites to marvel and dream. The capital Windhoek has about 450,000 inhabitants and features German colonial buildings, such as the Christ Church from 1907.

The country is characterized by the Namib Desert along the Atlantic coast, which is probably one of the most impressive and at the same time bizarre places in Namibia. The sand dunes stretch to the horizon and glow from orange to blood red. The older the sand the more intense is the shade of red. Have you ever been to such a magical place?

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The most beautiful campsite in Namibia

We don’t want to keep you waiting any longer and show you our favorite for a successful camping stay in Namibia: Hoada Campsite in Kamanjab. Here you have two different camping options. The luxurious two-person tent or a simple tent or space for your own tents and vehicles with roof tents.

Hoada Campsite – stay overnight in a luxury tent

The four tent camps accommodate two people per tent and are the definition of relaxed camping with comfortable beds and private sanitary facilities. Each tent site has its own shower, sink and toilet with running water. To save the environment, the hot water system of the bathrooms works in combination with the barbecue area. So while you are preparing your food, the water for your shower is heated – awesome!

For $60 per night you can stay in the luxury version. The cozy beds give you the extra comfort you are looking for on your trip. And the view you wake up to is simply unique!

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Hoada Campsite – stay overnight in a sociable atmosphere

There are eight sites that can easily accommodate eight people. These are spacious sites for four tents or vehicles with roof tents. The price of $20 per night is per person.

The campsites have no electricity; they are powered by solar energy. There are 12-volt plugs available, suitable for charging cell phones and camera batteries. In the evening, you can enjoy a cozy fire with other travelers, talk about your travels, or play games. That sounds like a pleasant get-together, doesn’t it?

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Your Impact stay at Hoada Campsite

The camp belongs to the ≠Khoadi //Hoas Conservancy, a conservation authority. The authority gets its name from the African ethnic group Damara and translated this means “corner of the elephant”. The name of the campsite, Hoada, is a Damara-Nama expression for “all.” Through reform of conservation efforts and education, the community became the stewards and beneficiaries, and the value of conservation was understood.

To further strengthen conservation efforts, a predator fund was established to compensate farmers for livestock lost to predators while providing funds for infrastructural measures to reduce risk. Today, the ≠Khoadi //Hoas Conservancy is proud to be an international example of how conservation efforts can be successful and sustainable over the long term. By visiting this socialbnb and enjoying all that the area has to offer, you will also be contributing to the long-term sustainability of the area and its wildlife, and supporting the local people.

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The most beautiful camping facilities for you

The campsite is located 25 kilometers east of Grootberg Lodge and 75 kilometers on the C40 west of Kamanjab surrounded by beautiful granite hills and Mopani trees. It is under the same management as Grootberg Lodge. This is a historic EU-funded initiative that is fully owned by the residents of the reserve.

On the site there is an outdoor pool with a fabulous view over the granite hills directly between the rocks. It’s a good place to spend some time, isn’t it? Also the outdoor shower is worth a visit. Activities that can be organized for you on site are a Damara Cultural Walk as well as elephant and rhino trekking. During the trekking you observe animals in their natural habitat from a safe distance, so as not to interfere with their habitat.

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Picture by socialbnb

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