• Sustainable travel + doing good = social travel

    You would like to travel more and discover the world, but you can't really agree with your conscience? Then you're like many other travelers. Your next trip is coming up, but you want to do things a little differently. You want to travel in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way and at the same time make a positive difference? We have good news for you: that's possible! Find out what social travel means, how it relates to sustainable travel and how you can do good while traveling. Feel free to sign up for our newsletter to get specific tips for…

  • The perfect travel photo – and why we always take the same pictures

    This post is about how you can take 'better' photos on your trip.Β Better in the sense of ethically correct and realistic. Images convey strong messages and reinforce existing thought patterns in our minds. As travelers, we therefore have a special responsibility when taking and using these images. Today, we will explain to you the behavioral patterns of travelers when it comes to taking pictures. We will also show you how to take such a 'better' photo and how to behave appropriately.