Together we create a new form of sustainable tourism where everyone benefits. We imagine tourism in such a way that the local community and the region as a whole benefit from it. To strengthen this development, we look for social and ecological projects with an impact on the region. Your stay supports the financing of their amazing projects and thus you have a positive impact on the region and the local community.

  • Sustainable development with Lust auf besser leben
    Today we would like to introduce you to another company we really like: Lust auf besser Leben gGmbh. Lust auf besser Leben is based in Frankfurt am Main and its mission is to promote sustainable action in business and society and thus sustainable development with its offerings in the non-material and service sectors. We are pleased that the sustainability consultant and managing partner, Marlene, gives us an insight into her vision and work. Read more!
  • Is Gorilla Trekking ethically correct?
    Uganda is one of the last countries on earth where mountain gorillas live. Today, the threatened species can only be found in the border areas of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. More than half of all mountain gorillas live in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in southwestern Uganda. Gorilla trekking is therefore one of the most popular activities for tourists in the region – because only here they have the chance to look these fascinating animals in the eye and observe their natural habitat.
  • Sustainable travel + doing good = social travel
    You would like to travel more and discover the world, but you can’t really agree with your conscience? Then you’re like many other travelers. Your next trip is coming up, but you want to do things a little differently. You want to travel in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way and at the same time make a positive difference? We have good news for you: that’s possible! Find out what social travel means, how it relates to sustainable travel and how you can do good while traveling. Feel free to sign up for our newsletter to get specific tips for your next sustainable trip.
  • The perfect travel photo – and why we always take the same pictures
    This post is about how you can take ‘better’ photos on your trip. Better in the sense of ethically correct and realistic. Images convey strong messages and reinforce existing thought patterns in our minds. As travelers, we therefore have a special responsibility when taking and using these images. Today, we will explain to you the behavioral patterns of travelers when it comes to taking pictures. We will also show you how to take such a ‘better’ photo and how to behave appropriately.
  • Insights into the social startup – the onboarding process
    “Book your socialbnb now for more equality, education, nature protection, …” it says on our website. Those who book sustainable accommodation on our platform directly support an ecological or social project through their stay and receive authentic travel experiences in return. “Travel with impact” is what we lovingly call this kind of social travel.
  • Positive Impact has the best aroma – TRUESDAY
    Today we’d like to introduce you to a company we really like: TRUESDAY. TRUESDAY is the first German coffee brand to sell sustainable coffee under the true-price model. What we love most about TRUESDAY’s work: true sustainability, honest prices, and complete transparency! We ask three questions to founder Henning.
  • Tribearth – sustainable jewelry with impact
    During our trip in Kenya, we met Libosso from Tribearth in their local café and design studio in Diani Beach. We were able to talk to him about the approach of Tribearth which is a socially conscious jewelry business selling sustainable jewelry and empowering women and youth through their fair business concept. Let the interview begin!
  • 4 unique accommodations – a different kind of vacation
    You want an adventure and unforgettable vacation experiences? Anyone can travel normally. But in 2022, the motto is: the more unusual the accommodation, the better. You want a different kind of vacation – here’s how to get it.
  • Top topic sustainability – 5 tips how you can travel sustainably
    You already pay attention to using less plastic, reduce your meat consumption or try to buy most of your clothes second hand? Great, because it’s exactly these “little” things in everyday life that contribute to a big difference.
  • Social travel – what does that mean?
    Sustainable travel, responsible travel, conscious travel – you are confused and unsure about all these different terms and you are wondering what exactly we mean when we say: we focus on social travel?
  • Joining forces to turn travel into impact
    Planeterra helps local organizations and communities use tourism as a catalyst to improve people’s lives, protect their natural environments, and celebrate their culture. Put simply, it is a better kind of tourism – improving the lives of community members as they provide travellers with better experiences.
  • Rethinking travel – here are the coolest ideas
    Slow tourism and ecotourism, soft mobility, responsible travel… These are all terms that everyone has heard in the last few years. They all belong more or less to a new way of traveling – because tourism is changing. We no longer want mass tourism and all-inclusive vacations; we want to experience travel, learn about cultures, change the world and be more sustainable.
  • 5 easy Tipps for less trash in our environment
    Our world is choking in garbage, coral reefs are dying, the air is more polluted than ever – sad but true. Still, the message is: Don’t despair. Now it’s time to take action. Do something for yourself, your children and your environment. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything anymore. On the contrary: the environment can be protected and saved all over the world. Something can be done everywhere. In the following blog article, we have compiled some tips on how you can contribute to a cleaner environment both at home and while traveling!
  • Ecotourism – really sustainable travel at all levels
    Discovering the world without harming it. Getting to know new cultures, but not exploiting the local population. Truly authentic travel. More and more people want exactly that on their travels. Terms like slow travel, soft tourism or ecotourism are booming and are on everyone’s lips. But what is ecotourism? We’ll give you a brief overview of this increasingly important form of travel, how and where you can implement it, and what exactly you’re causing with it.
  • Digital Detox – your vacation full of mindfullness
    4 hours and 37 minutes– …that’s not the time I spend with friends, working, playing sports, or doing household chores. This is the time I spend on my phone most of the day. Sometimes it works out with less time, thanks to time locks for some apps. One day I also went completely cell phone free. 24 hours without a cell phone -yay-, but still a real challenge, you feel kind of empty and bored. These withdrawal symptoms speak for themselves.
  • Volunteering – why it’s not a part of socialbnb
    Booking a socialbnb means staying in an accommodation of a social or ecological project instead of a traditional hotel or hostel. During that stay you get a close encounter with the local people and get insights in the important work of the project. We often get the question: “Can I help? Can I also book a volunteering stay?” There are several reasons why we decided that this is not part of the socialbnb experience.