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Staying with fitness guarantee: 2022 will be sporty!

The Christmas season is over, New Year’s Eve has hung over and the last remnants of the festive meals are eaten… And now it’s finally time to start exercising again! The resolution for the new year: to last longer. The best thing is to be active and fit all year round. For the perfect start and a playfully easy and also totally bearable way of this hard resolution you only need one thing: vacation. We have two of our coolest accommodations with fitness guarantee for you. There you can hardly avoid getting active. And it’s fun, too; we guarantee it.

Along the way, you will also learn a lot, immerse yourself in the local culture and customs of the population and experience a very special and unique vacation. And the icing on the cake is that you also do good with your trip and a simple overnight stay. What exactly, you will find out below… Have fun browsing!

Fitness guarantee in Mexico: Mision Surf

Surfing along the endless Pacific coast with a huge selection of different spots and waves, beach breaks and hidden tubes…. This (and much more!) Mexico has to offer. For many of us, there is probably no better form of sports tourism, because surfing is and remains simply more than just a sport. At Mision Surf Hostel, a cool non-profit hostel at Puerto Chiapas in the state of Chiapas, you can sleep in while you go surfing during the day.

Your overnight stay there contributes to the financing of the surf school and a community counseling center that the project has built. The goal of this is to generate income for the children’s home, which also belongs to Mission Mexico. The local and unfortunately very impoverished population of Villa del Sol should experience love, a sense of life and hope through the work of the organization.

Mision Surf provides free education, empowerment and even job opportunities, if necessary, for the kids and young adults of the village. In concrete terms, this means that there are swimming and English lessons and surfing lessons until they drop, so that the children later have a secure income through their job as a surf instructor.

For example, if you book a surf lesson during your stay there, you will get your lessons from the already grown up kids who learned surfing and teaching it there. Well – want to ride some waves, meet authentic locals and do something good? Yep… So do we. Book your stay in Mexico now. Hang loose!

Picture by socialbnb. Unterkünfte mit Fitnessgarantie.

Fitness warranty in Colombia: Fundación Tiempo de Juego

Ciénaga, a city in the province of Magdalena in the north of Colombia that belongs to the metropolitan region of Santa Maria, is located directly on the Caribbean Sea. In addition to dreamlike paradisiacal sandy beaches, breathtaking mountains of the coastal mountain range, ancient ruins and imposing mangrove forests, there are also endless possibilities here to become active in sports. You can of course go swimming in the Caribbean, but also hiking or biking are super popular in the area and really recommendable.

Equally recommendable is the accommodation we have for you there: the Fundación Tiempo del Juego. Your booking will help fund a project that supports and strengthens the local community through sports and the arts. They focus especially on the children of the region. The goal is to distance the kids from negative influences like drugs or armed gangs. Through sports and cultural activities, they develop respect, tolerance and social cohesion. These important skills protect the children and young people to some extent from the many social ills that unfortunately prevail in Colombia.

Picture by socialbnb - fitness guarantee.. or only relaxing?!

Of course there are many other great accommodations with the right conditions to be active in sports. Just have a look at and click in the search mask under highlights something like for sport enthusiasts or trekking, and you will surely find something!

If you prefer to relax a bit, maybe microadventures or slow travel are more for you – just click through our blog posts and get inspired!

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