At socialbnb, we want to show that travel and sustainability don’t always have to be mutually exclusive. People travel and will always travel. But how can we create tourism that benefits the local community? We explain our concept and how socially sustainable travel is easy for you.

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Traveling with impact

A socialbnb is an accommodation with impact. Every overnight stay supports a social or ecological project. If you have chosen an accommodation on our platform, then the price selected by the project will flow into that. This way you can easily travel in a socially sustainable way and do good – while you sleep, so to speak. We currently have six different project types, check out our website. Let’s take a look together at projects in the different impact areas.

Nature conservation

If you choose to spend the night with a project that is involved in nature conservation, then this is a project that is interested in the preservation of biodiversity. This includes, for example, project work on organic farming or forest reforestation, but also research and educational work.

This is also the case with our socialbnb Ecoturismo Comunitario Yunguilla in Quito, Ecuador. Here, income is used for reforestation, conservation, agroecology and community tourism. The 55 families of the Yunguilla community have been working in an organized way since 1995 to improve the quality of life through appropriate management of natural resources.

Sustainable production is also a fundamental basis for sustainable development. This includes small fruit processing plants, among others organic gardens. The products grown in the organic gardens serve as raw materials for the preparation of meals in the company’s own community restaurant, which was built to strengthen the tourist offer and serves healthy, local food.

Animal welfare

Our projects in the field of animal welfare deal with the preservation and well-being of animals. Accordingly, habitats are to be preserved, but the animals are also to be cared for. Depending on the project, very individual animal welfare measures are taken.

For example, your overnight stay at socialbnb Grampians Nature Programs in Cavendish, Australia, will help preserve the sanctuary for kangaroos, wallabies, emus, echidnas and eagles. Go on a wilderness adventure without interfering with the habitat of animals without permission!

Animals are protected and have access to clean water and pasture in times of drought. In addition, Impact Hosts Jon and Suzy teach travelers how to manage sustainable food and energy systems, gather native food crops, and use weed species for food.


Those projects that are arranged on our platform in the category of equality have the empowerment of the project target group as their primary goal. The purpose of this is to give people more co-determination, autonomy and room for maneuver by teaching them practical skills – regardless of their origin, gender or abilities.

The Johanniter Hotel INCLUDiO in Regensburg, Germany creates fair jobs for people with disabilities and is a driver for raising awareness for growing inclusion in Germany. The concept of this socialbnb is that all people can be employed or vacation there equally.

In addition, all rooms of the hotel are barrier-free, 18 of them even wheelchair accessible and also suitable for people with visual and hearing impairments.


Our projects in the field of education work towards providing (better) education for all people equally by financing school fees, purchasing textbooks, etc., and ensuring teachers’ salaries. For us, education means spiritual, moral, scientific, artistic and also humanistic education. Educational work plays an equally important role in this context.

The goal of the organic farm Biloba Organic in Nawalpur, Nepal is to re-strengthen village life through agricultural development, to develop new farming techniques and to teach them to the community. The local farmers in the Himalayas will be taught about modern organic farming.

In addition, much research and experimentation is being done to improve organic permaculture in the Himalayan mid-mountains in an environmentally friendly way.


Your overnight price at a project that belongs to the health category contributes to the promotion of health care in the traveled region. This includes measures ranging from medical assistance to education on conscious lifestyles.

The YAWE Foundation (Youth and Women Empowerment) in Fort Portal, Uganda provides health services and education to the local community. It focuses on HIV awareness, skills development, income generation, IT literacy, information sharing, and community and environmental education.

The mission is not only to educate children, but also to give young people and adults the opportunity to develop and experience the benefits of lifelong learning. The clear goal in mind is to create a better standard of living for the community, where unity and solidarity allow a better living for all.


In the area of sports, projects are accumulated that have the goal of social participation of the project target group through sports. Thus, sports are learned, but also skills such as teamwork, stamina and self-confidence are strengthened.

Our socialbnb ANOPA Project in Cape Coast, Ghana is committed to helping deaf and blind children and young people become independent individuals through sports and educational projects and the skills they acquire as a result. The integration and empowerment of diversity plays the central role here.

The sports activities, such as (blind) soccer, swimming, volleyball, etc., contribute to raising awareness and promoting a peaceful inclusive society.

If you’re interested in our opinion on volunteering abroad, feel free to check out this blog post and learn about the downsides of this endeavor. You have a chance to win an overnight stay at a socialbnb of your choice. To enter, sign up for our free newsletter. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you!