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socialbnb x Pangea Festival

From August 11 to 14 it’s that time again – the About You Pangea Festival 2022 in Pütnitz an der See is coming up. And we will be there! Can you believe that? We want to tell you what we think is so awesome about the Pangea Festival, why we are so excited to be there and what exactly our job will be on site. Hopefully you won’t miss this cool event and we’ll meet you there!

What is so special about the Pangea Festival?

About You’s popular Pangea Festival takes place on a former airfield and offers you a spectacular program. The cross-genre music ranges from electro and indie to techno, hip-hop and rock. Fantastic artists perform live on stage. But the Pangea Festival is much more than that!

More than 100 cultural workshops will be offered, as well as lectures on important topics, such as sustainability. The workshops are offered in different areas of the festival. These range from “New Havn” to “Creative Market” and the “Awareness Tent”. There will also be a water world, bouncy castles and much more, so you can let your inner child out and be creative.

We think the concept of combining music, inspiring encounters and creativity is brilliant! Just like the statement of the organizer that the festival leaves no room for discrimination – all are welcome to celebrate, learn and have fun peacefully and together.

The About You Pangea Festival is Music, Culture, Sports & Play. It is a unique place for meeting, learning and celebrating together. It is a sustainable vision, a utopia. It is a festival, a community. It is exchange and coming together. The AYPF is the people. Be part of it!

About You Pangea Festival
Picture by About You Pangea Festival


Get up really close with the hottest artists at Pangea Festival. This year’s headliners include Rin, Giant Rooks and Provinz – how cool is that? But also many other artists will take the stage for you and give you an unforgettable time.

Picture by About You Pangea Festival
Picture by About You Pangea Festival


If you’re open to new things, you’ll enjoy limitless possibilities at the Pangea Festival. You can let your creativity run wild and participate in various workshops. Make your own jewelry that will forever remind you of the experience, or learn how to meditate. What we think is especially cool is the offer to upgrade your camper van. Where would you most like to go with your custom camper van?

Picture by About You Pangea Festival


The sports offered range from mindfulness activities, such as yoga and stand up paddling, to exhausting activities, such as bouldering or playing basketball. What would you most like to do?

Picture by About You Pangea Festival
Picture by About You Pangea Festival


Believe us: this festival connects people. Not only dancing together brings joy, but also the activities around it. Swim in the lake, try one of the water slides or enjoy the exchange with other festival visitors. You won’t forget this event so quickly.

Picture by About You Pangea Festival

Our job at the Pangea Festival

At the Pangea Festival, a lot of emphasis is placed on sustainability. On the one hand, the construction, the execution of the event and the dismantling should be energy-saving and environmentally friendly, which is why concepts were developed to act as sustainably as possible. Waste concepts etc. were also taken into account. On the other hand, talks as well as workshops to educate about sustainability issues will take place at the festival. Here you can learn more about it.

We have the honor to be part of the Pangea Festival 2022 as well. Jule and Lisa will represent socialbnb in a Travel Talk. Together they would like to talk to you about sustainable tourism and also gladly answer your questions about the role of socialbnb in tourism sector. It doesn’t matter if you already have some prior knowledge about this topic or not – the exchange is what makes it in the end. We would be very happy if you would take part in this talk on Friday, 12.08.2022 from 5 to 6 pm in the Participation Area. Are you with us?

Meet Jule & Lisa from our socialbnb Team

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