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“Socialbnb” travel platform with Social Impact wins European Youth Award-
The EYA Jury met in Sarajevo and chose Socialbnb to be the Winning Project in the Sustainable Economics category.

Socialbnb introduces local NGOs to travel and tourism, giving them a sustainable way to earn funds for solving local social issues. The web platform, created by the young German team of Nils Lohman, Rosalie Schwarz and Alexander Haufschild impacts the lives of thousands of people.

Socialbnb helps local NGOs to list their unused rooms as social homestays on the Socialbnb platform. Not only do they establish a stable second source of financing for aid projects, but also create unique and meaningful experiences for travellers, enabling all parties to benefit from the development of tourism.
Nils Lohman, is twenty-five-years-old and the CEO of Socialbnb, he tells us their motivation: “We have seen what our actions can do for these organizations and this is driving us to keep going, to do our part in improving the lives of the local communities all around the world.”
The COO of the fully-functional travel platform, Rosalie Schwarz, twenty-three years old, elaborates on future plans: “Our vision is that travelers can visit a country solely by staying with us and by using sustainable and local means of transportation, thus the entire value chain is kept in the country.”

Odeta Isevicuite, Member of the EYA Jury from Lithuania: “Socialbnb is one of my favourite projects over the four years of judging at European Youth Awards. Travel and tourism were a $8.27 trillion industry in 2017 and it’s growing exponentially every year. However, many locals in exotic and developing countries do not have resources AND knowledge to tap into this industry. Socialbnb, not only includes locals to travel and tourism, but also gives them a credible and sustainable way to earn funds for solving local social issues. On the other hand, tourists are increasingly looking for authenticity on their travels. Socialbnb perfectly connects and addresses all of these aspects into one whole where all parties benefit.”

The eighth edition of the European Youth Award brought together twenty members of the all-European jury in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, to decide on ten winning projects. The winners are invited to spend three days in Graz, Austria, and showcase their projects at the EYA Festival 2019!

EYA’s main aim is to support and encourage young purpose-driven entrepreneurs who use digital technologies to create solutions that improve the lives of people. The winning projects of EYA19 were evaluated on their creativity, digital implementation, sustainability and economic potential.

Birgit Kolb, EYA Project Manager: “Socialbnb targets a huge industry with a whole new approach! This creativity can be an inspiration for other young people. It will be a great pleasure to feel their outstanding spirit and passion at the EYA Festival. Just imagine, four-hundred young people will come together to inspire and support each other!”
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