A dynamic socialbnb community with a shared vision of creating sustainable tourism for everyone is what makes socialbnb great. You know of exciting projects that should definitely become part of socialbnb or you already discovered fascinating places? We are looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Backpacking in Mexico – Matilda’s travel experiences
    ¡Viva México, cabrones! Earlier this year I took a very special backpacking trip to Mexico. In about seven weeks I traveled through the east and a small part of the south of Mexico – and I am already sure that it was not the last time I will visit this wonderful country!
  • Project financing – socialbnb supports your ecological or social project
    Worldwide, environmental and social projects are underfunded. Are you already engaged in valuable work on such a project and wondering what financing options are available to you to continue your work? With our concept we offer you financial as well as additional support, which are essential for your ecological or social project and contribute to the project financing. Find out how it works.
  • Joining forces to turn travel into impact
    Planeterra helps local organizations and communities use tourism as a catalyst to improve people’s lives, protect their natural environments, and celebrate their culture. Put simply, it is a better kind of tourism – improving the lives of community members as they provide travellers with better experiences.
  • What to give for christmas- some new ideas
    Every year the same little game. What do I give my sister, uncle or father-in-law for Christmas? What is original, meaningful and yet beautiful? You can quickly run out of ideas, no question. After all, at some point the tenth shower gel or the annual pair of socks may no longer be the real thing and only gives half the pleasure. So if you’re wondering again: What to give for Christmas? – Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together some cool, alternative and sustainable ideas for you that are guaranteed to inspire you and are something completely different.
  • Doing good this christmastime: here are 5 ideas
    The next Christmas is approaching, the days are contemplative and you would like to do something good for other people? That’s probably how many people feel here. The choice is huge – because you can do good and volunteer in all corners and ends. The research can quickly become exhausting. That’s why we have five ideas for you in this blog, what you could do good- without much effort or spending money. And the best thing about it: you can implement most of our suggestions throughout the year. Because doing good should also be done in the remaining eleven months of the year. Just start now in December… and don’t stop again!
  • Our 5 best accomodations on a budget with impact
    Wanting to travel to the other end of the world, but without spending a lot of money, and then preferably sustainably – the dream of many travelers. But is that even possible? We say: Yes, definitely! There are countless socialbnb’s around the world that won’t cost you $20 a night. And still you have a super cool accommodation, a really authentic travel experience and contribute your part to a better tourism. We’ve rounded up 5 of our cheapest places to stay that are perfect for those on a budget!
  • The 5 best, family-friendly accomodations with impact
    Something to experience, a bit of peace and quiet, fun for the kids, getting to know new people – it’s not easy to reconcile all of this on a trip. And yet, there are plenty of family-friendly places to stay. We’ve put together our top five socialbnbs that are perfect for families!
  • Realtalk: Sustainable travel – with Mona and Alex
    Sustainability is on everyone’s lips and cannot be mentioned often enough. There are always things that can be designed and lived even more sustainably. Of course not only at home, but also on the road and while you travel. We asked ourselves what Mona and Alex from betterworldtravellers think about the topic and how they try to implement sustainable travel. The two have given up everything in Germany in September 2020 and now want to travel around the world in their camper Van for the next 10 years. They are living the ecotourism – but see for yourself!
  • Microadventure: your vacation in miniature edition
    Do you know this: your week was once again way too full, you had a dozen too many appointments and would love to just get out of the hectic – but of course you only have the weekend? But it’s not too difficult to get out of the house and take a deep breath, to see and hear something different. For relaxation and change you don’t always need a faraway country and new cultures, sometimes a microadventure is enough!
  • 5 easy Tipps for less trash in our environment
    Our world is choking in garbage, coral reefs are dying, the air is more polluted than ever – sad but true. Still, the message is: Don’t despair. Now it’s time to take action. Do something for yourself, your children and your environment. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything anymore. On the contrary: the environment can be protected and saved all over the world. Something can be done everywhere. In the following blog article, we have compiled some tips on how you can contribute to a cleaner environment both at home and while traveling!
  • Sustainable accomodations in Germany for your happy stay
    Travelling through Germany has become popular at the latest since the corona pandemic. You don’t necessarily have to travel 2,000 kilometres for fairytale landscapes, city feeling or salty sea air – because Germany has all that to offer. If you’re looking for sustainable accommodation, check out our suggestions. The great thing about booking one of these accommodations is that in addition to a super cool stay, you’ll also be helping to finance a social and/or ecological project – what more could you ask for!?
  • Traveling through Europe: Exclusive tipps from the team
    Your next trip is coming up and you definitely want to find THE hidden spot, THE insider tip or THE café? Something that is maybe not so crowded by tourists and is on the first page of every travel guide? Who doesn’t want that – our team of socialbnb is a fan of insider tips as well! That’s why we’ve put together a few recommendations for you with locations from European countries that we think you’ll definitely like.
  • socialbnb quality criteria – positive impact for all
    socialbnb creates with its sustainable tourism concept an alternative financing option for social and ecological projects in order to create a long-term, positive impact for all parties involved. To achieve this goal, we check in a selection process to what extent the work of a particular project really benefits the local region and whether it makes sense to use the socialbnb concept locally.
  • Digital Detox – your vacation full of mindfullness
    4 hours and 37 minutes– …that’s not the time I spend with friends, working, playing sports, or doing household chores. This is the time I spend on my phone most of the day. Sometimes it works out with less time, thanks to time locks for some apps. One day I also went completely cell phone free. 24 hours without a cell phone -yay-, but still a real challenge, you feel kind of empty and bored. These withdrawal symptoms speak for themselves.
  • Traveling with socialbnb – a Guide for travelers
    Creating sustainable added value with a trip – sounds great, doesn’t it? With an overnight stay in a socialbnb, that’s exactly what becomes possible. However, for our goal of creating sustainable tourism that benefits everyone, the behavior of travelers is also important. Since the socialbnb concept is still quite new, some things have to be taken into account so that the stay creates added value for all involved.
    The tuk-tuks and us, three weeks in Sri Lanka. Do you know this fascinating sight when thousands of people cross an intersection? We were right in the middle of it with our own tuk-tuk.
  • Travel like a local to Barcelona
    Local experience from one of our team members who was in Barcelona a few weeks ago- learn about the Covid-19 situation, some nice restaurant insider tips and so on…
    I follow the street that goes from a small suburb of Florence into a hilly scenery. It is late and i can only divine the shapes of the high mountains on the horizon. After another turn in the road an avenue with cypresses several metres high opens up. Hello Tuscany – you already feel so good! The endless cypresses string together along the strait driveway and lead me to a gate.
    Traveling with a boat really differs from backpacking or Van-Life. We already experienced this with different boats and would like to share a few tips with you, so that you can enjoy your own vacation even more. Because on the boat you’ll be faced with enough other challenges!
    Travelling in times of Corona is difficult. On the one hand bad for your own vacation planning, on the other hand good for the environment. The exotic wanderlust dreams seem even more distant than before. But the danger of a corona infection is very close, not to mention the restrictions in public life and the sometimes dramatic health situation in some regions of the world.