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Social travel in Nepal – connect with the locals

What do Buddha, Mount Everest and spicy food have in common? Everything can be found in the country of Nepal. Today, we want to focus more on Nepal as your next social travel destination and introduce you to our local socialbnbs where you can collect unique experiences. So if you’re wondering what this Asian country has to offer you travel-wise and why our socialbnbs in Nepal are definitely worth a visit, stay tuned. Wanderlust guaranteed!

Photo by Sebastian Pena Lambarri on Unsplash

Facts to brag about

Those who travel to Nepal for the first time will first notice the numerous impressive and architecturally special temples. However, probably the most famous flagship of Nepal is Mount Everest – the highest mountain in the world. This is located in the north of the country, rising from the Himalayan mountains and impresses travelers with amazing views.

Nepal also has interesting historical backgrounds in terms of cultural highlights. Siddhartha Gautama, who is probably better known as “Buddha”, was born in the Nepalese city of Lumbini. This is close to the border with India. As the name “Buddha” suggests, Siddhartha Gautama was the founder of Buddhism. Fun Fact: Despite the historical origin of Buddhism, Nepal is officially a Hindu country with about 80% Hindu and just 10% Buddhist. The people of Nepal are known for their colorful culture and hospitality. In the capital Kathmandu you can visit amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Culinary fans pay attention: Nepal’s cuisine includes a diverse selection of spicy and sweet delicacies. The “momos” – filled dumplings with meat or vegetables – are particularly well-known and are served with a dip. Rice and lentil curries with local vegetables are also very popular. 

Photo by Ashlesh Kshatri on Pixabay

Our travel tips for Nepal

Because of Nepal’s geographic conditions, it is a good idea to take part in hiking and trekking excursions during your stay in Nepal. You like to be in nature, are looking for an adventure and are open for something new? Then take a look at our socialbnbs in Nepal:

Bardiya Community Homestay, Nepal

With your stay in Bardiya you financially support the Tharu community in Dalla. The Tharu are a minority community with 13.5% of the total population of Nepal. They refer to themselves as “people of the forest”. The Bardiya Community Homestay is the right place for you if

  • you want to immerse yourself in the traditional life of the Tharu community,
  • you are open to new activities such as learning cultural dances, jungle walks or bird watching,
  • you want to gather authentic impressions in a rural adventure.

All the houses in the accommodation are built in a traditional way from mud and wood and you will stay in your own room equipped with fans and mosquito nets. 

Photo by Bardiya Community Homestay

Barauli Community Homestay, Nepal

Equally adventurous impressions you can also gather are in the district of Chitwan. The Tharu community in Barauli is supported through your stay. Are you interested in the local culture and the wildlife of Chitwan? Then you should not miss a visit here. Jeep safaris, sunset bike tours along the river, canoe tours and traditional cooking classes are offered.

In addition, three meals a day are included – and we already know how great the food is. Your overnight stay will take place in a private mud hut with a thatched roof – something completely different. Especially great is that each hut is named after the local woman who manages it. So the place is run by the women!

Photo by Barauli Community Homestay

Heaven Hill Academy, Nepal

Your overnight stay at Heaven Hill Academy in Gaunasahar will financially support a local school in rural Nepal. This socialbnb is located in northwestern Nepal on a hill, which is why it has a breathtaking view to offer. In fact, this is the original residence of Nepal’s royal family. To this day, many traditional festivals are still celebrated here. You can participate in the festivals or simply in the Nepalese village life.

In addition, you can do many activities: Hiking, short walks in the nearby villages or drinking tea with the locals. The surrounding mountains and the tranquility of the village provide a perfect setting for yoga and meditation. If you are interested, you can get deeply immersed into the culture by attending a Nepali class where you will be taught the language, history and culture.

Due to an update and sharpening of our quality criteria, this accommodation will no longer be bookable at socialbnb. (as of March 2023)

Photo by Heaven Hill Academy - Wanderlust!

Last but not least a little tip from us: don’t plan your trip to Nepal in the middle of the monsoon season. It’s best to travel between February and April or October and November to get the most out of your trip and literally not go swimming.

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