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schickSAAL* Lübeck – way more than just a hostel

In the middle of Lübeck’s mini-neighborhood you’ll find the schickSAAL*, a collectively run, queer-feminist and anarchist project. In addition to the hostel, it also includes an event venue, a pub and a café. In schickSAAL a creative and lively place for life-enriching encounters is to emerge. Spaces and offers will be designed in the sense of a ‘politicized aestheticism’.

You can book your overnight stay there via socialbnb and experience all facets of the project up close. We asked Johanna from the schickSAAL*-Team a few questions that are sure to interest you. Have fun reading!

How did it all start?

Through the Summer of Migration. At that time, Lübeck was in the middle of the transit route of the refugees who wanted to go to Scandinavia. At that time, four girls, who still work in the hostel today, volunteered a lot: They provided beds for the refugees, cooked food, collected funds or made bookings for the ferry. This was the first time that part of the team worked together.

Regardless of the help the four provided to the refugees, they realized during this work that they really didn’t want to go back to their wage jobs. At that point, they already lived self-managed and then said to themselves:

“If we already live in a self-managed way now, why shouldn’t we also work in a self-managed way? That’s how the idea came about.”

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What has been the best thing that has been achieved with schickSAAL* so far?

“When I realize that what we want to do resonates with people. That is a great gift for me!”

The first guests in the hostel, at the bar or in the café, who noticed how special the atmosphere is in the collective. If they appreciate and recognize that everyone at schickSAAL* really wants to work, is super friendly and perceives the stay as nice, that’s worth a lot. Because these opinions are then also reflected in reviews. And when potential new guests read that schickSAAL* is something special and that a visit is really worthwhile, those are the moments when Johanna is really happy about her work.

What is your Mission?

The schickSAAL* wants to bring the idea of self-management and hierarchy-free, collectivist work structures to the world. The guests should be brought closer to what actually means working in a collective and without a boss and what distinguishes it from other hostels and hotels. But not only the great working conditions should be communicated. The guests are to be encouraged by discussions and stays above all to try out the whole perhaps times themselves. Here you can find more information about the concept!

Is this also what makes your project special to others?

Compared to other hostels, the collectivist organization is the unique selling point.

“The schickSAAL* has not one or two people who profit from funds or say how breakfast should be organized or who has to make the beds, but everything is decided together. We meet once a week and then think: How do we want to do what? How do we want to organize ourselves? This is where all the decisions are made.”

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What do you like most about yout work at the schickSAAL*?

Exactly what was already answered by the last question – collectivist work. Johanna would never want to work as a chambermaid or stand at a bar or reception – at least not in conventional hotels. But because schickSAAL* works collectively, everyone takes on every area of work. The individual tasks rotate and because all employees make decisions together on the same level, there is no pressure. Johanna thinks that’s a great thing about the work. Everyone does all the work, which she thinks is great.

How can a overnight stay with socialbnb help the schickSAAL*?

It’s simple: come to visit schickSAAL, get excited and then spread the word that the collective exists. That way, new guests come, who then also tell others about their experiences and share them with new people. But criticism is also super important. Only through the honest opinion of the guests can the collective reflect and continue to improve. Convince yourself and secure your overnight stay at schickSAAL* here! Whether single, twin, double or multi-bed rooms, you’re sure to find the right one for you and can create added value super easily with your overnight stay there.

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What you should definitly do when staying in Lübeck…

Lübeck is a Hanseatic city and is located directly on the Baltic Sea in the Bay of Lübeck. You should definitely take advantage of the proximity to the Baltic Sea. The city is surrounded by greenery and water, which is great for cycling or hiking. But Johnanna can also highly recommend a boat trip or a visit to the beach. In addition, Lübeck is full of culture and tourist attractions. In the city center you will find well over 1000 buildings that are part of the World Heritage Site Lübeck Old Town. But museum lovers will also get their money’s worth, for example in the Buddenbrookhaus.

There is also plenty of art and culture to be found, as well as many nice cafés and restaurants, events and sports activities.

The team from schickSAAL* is also in the process of developing an alternative city map. With it, you’ll get all the info on cool to-dos away from the mainstream attractions of Lübeck. It will focus more on the subculture, for example which streets in Lübeck are particularly pretty. Just to get this city map, we would make a trip to schickSAAL*!

Picture by Moritz Kindler on unsplash

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