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Rethinking travel – here are the coolest ideas

Slow tourism and ecotourism, soft mobility, responsible travel… These are all terms that everyone has heard in the last few years. They all belong more or less to a new way of traveling – because tourism is changing. We no longer want mass tourism and all-inclusive vacations; we want to experience travel, learn about cultures, change the world and be more sustainable.

What other (new) travel trends there are and what they actually mean, you will learn in this blog entry. Maybe you know other forms of travel that we have not listed here! Then write us on Instagram or by mail and tell us about your experiences and your knowledge. And now – off you go!

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Couchsurfing is no longer so new, but it’s still very much in vogue. It’s a hospitality network. This means that you can either create an offer yourself on various platforms and offer your couch – i.e. a place to sleep – or find offers. However, only private apartments or living spaces are mediated, and your overnight stay is guaranteed free of charge.

The focus is always on an interpersonal exchange. Couchsurfing allows you to meet new people and stay with locals who can show you different cultures, food, perspectives and lifestyles that will enrich your vacation in a whole new way.

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Virtual travelling

Since the pandemic at the latest, it has become clear to everyone that the world and our lives are becoming more and more digital and virtual – and tourism cannot do without them. More and more virtual trips are being offered. One example of this is Lokafy. On the platform, you can book a tour from the comfort of your sofa, and one of the more than 5,000 Lokafyers (quasi tour guides) in 300 cities worldwide will then talk to you via video call. He/she can give you tips about the city, show it to you virtually, and inform and inspire you.

The essence, the Lokafy-Team itself says, is the people. When you see the world from home through the eyes of those who live in the place you want to visit, you realize how interconnected everything is. You realize that we humans are more alike than we think. And that the things that bring us together are much more important than those that separate us. This way you can get to know the world in a completely different way, from a new perspective!


No, we have not prescribed- it is really called wwoofing and means something like “World-Wide Opportunities on organic farms”. It is a worldwide exchange network. The basic idea: owners of organic farms offer free board and lodging in exchange for your help with the work and the daily routine. The tasks could not be more different, and depending on the season and the farm completely incomparable. Most of the time, however, you will help take care of the animals living there, give a hand with the harvest or help repair the equipment – if you have a little manual skill.

The benefits are basically not that different from Couchsurfing or socialbnb. Not only do you gain incredible new experiences and impressions and learn new things. Through Wwoofing you have the opportunity to get to know locals very closely and dive directly into their everyday life. Since you will be provided with meals in return for your work, you will also get to know the local cuisine of the region. It’s hard to imagine a better way to immerse yourself in a new culture and travel authentically!

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Do you know this – you are standing in a foreign country somewhere in a village, you don’t have internet anymore and you don’t know which bus to take or where to stay overnight? Pretty much every traveler has had a situation like that. And that’s where the Lambus app comes in. You can think of it as an all-in-one travel platform.

You can plan and save your entire trip in the app, put together your own route with countless stops, or get inspiration from experts. You can also call up the whole thing offline. And if you’re traveling with a group – no problem, because they can also access it. From airline tickets, restaurants near you, and your documents to weather updates, entering expenses, or uploading photos, it’s all there. One app plans and organizes and you can just enjoy, who would say no to that?

… and of course socialbnb

Socialbnb should not be missing on a list for new and different travel. The basic idea is to connect travelers with ecological or social projects worldwide and to create a form of tourism that benefits everyone. The following problem is addressed: Local projects are often highly dependent on donations, which often fail to materialize due to lack of attention. As a result, they are unable to implement their valuable work. However, some projects have spaces that you can book as sustainable accommodation with socialbnb.

On site, you will experience the respective project up close and get to know the country and its people in a unique way. Your overnight stay helps to ensure that the valuable work of the projects can continue and thus counteracts the dependence on donations. In this way you make a valuable contribution to the region you are traveling to. This creates a new form of sustainable tourism from which everyone benefits.

Here you will find for example the top 5 cheapest socialbnb’s- or here simply all that are available. Have fun searching and booking!

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