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Project financing – socialbnb supports your ecological or social project

Worldwide, environmental and social projects are underfunded. Are you already engaged in valuable work on such a project and wondering what financing options are available to you to continue your work? Then socialbnb is the right place for you! With our concept we offer you financial as well as additional support, which are essential for your ecological or social project and contribute to the project financing. Find out how it works.

How does socialbnb benefit you?

At socialbnb, we see ourselves as a social start up. Social added value is therefore our top priority. Our main mission is to make tourism more fair for all people involved and to enable our travelers to have unique travel experiences. This is where you become involved: you don’t have to work in tourism or have any previous experience in this industry. For us, it’s about creating encounters between travelers and people who are implementing something good on site. We want to provide our travelers with an overnight experience that is as authentic as possible and therefore involve the local population. The region as a whole should thus benefit in this process. We treat our partner projects, businesses, customers and the environment with respect and celebrate cultural diversity. If you want to get to know more about socialbnb, click here.

To further our goal, we develop ecological and social projects with an impact on the region. We promise our partner projects that they will benefit from the income generated by tourism and that their projects can be financially supported. In return, we promise our customers that the money they pay locally will ensure a positive impact and that they will have a unique travel experience. Our work focuses on authenticity, tolerance, conviviality, creativity, sustainability, social justice impact, transparency and trust.

Reasons to get your project listed on socialbnb

1. Sustainable financing of your project

Your listing on our socialbnb website is completely free of charge for you as a host, in order to provide you with the best possible support. You receive an additional source of income for your project by offering overnight stays for our travelers. You decide on the price of the overnight stay yourself. socialbnb has made it its business to finance social and ecological projects in a sustainable way. For this, it is necessary that we also finance ourselves sustainably. With the socialbnb commission of 15% we cover our costs to grow further. The commission is added to your stated accommodation price and paid as a deposit by the travelers. This means you keep the full revenue.

2. Attention through connections

The socialbnb commission is used for the expansion of the platform, finances our team, the consulting of our partner projects and marketing measures to make more travelers aware of our service. This way we can guarantee that we are active in the long term and can continue to work with projects and organizations worldwide. This also means more reach and visibility for you and your project. With us you have the opportunity to engage in sustainable tourism or to finance your project through our travelers. We give you access to an international travel community through which you can gain long-term supporters.

3. Free advisory support

Our expert regional managers are available to assist you free of charge and advise you on marketing measures and other financing options. In addition, there is the advantage for you that your listing on our website gets an additional donation link. Thus, people who find your project valuable, but unfortunately cannot travel to you themselves, can support you by donating money.

We have been thinking for a while about how we can use our location for tourism, but we are lacking the know-how and the handling for the procedure. socialbnb, gives us this support.

Mildred Hauck – former director of Intiwawa

What projects are being considered?

As already mentioned, your project does not have to be related to the tourism sector. socialbnb supports projects with impact in the fields of education, animal and species protection, equality, nature conservation, health and inclusion – no matter in which country. Does your project match with our fields? Then feel free to contact us and we will see if you have premises available that we can make bookable for our travelers. We are also happy to hear about alternative and creative accommodation options if a classic room cannot be provided.

If you do not have accommodation, we can still get in touch and find individual solutions. For example, if you want to offer activities such as tours or courses, feel free to contact us. However, we would like to point out that socialbnb is a website that offers accommodation to travelers. We are not a platform for volunteering. You should therefore not integrate your guests into your daily life in terms of work or expect a work performance from the travelers.

The listing process

Listing your project on socialbnb doesn’t take much work! Click here to register as a host with us.

Zonca Ecovillage, Italy – best practice example

Zonca Ecovillage is located in Piemonte – in the north of Italy. Our travelers can stay in sustainable accommodation and at the same time help finance the local ecological project. The aim of the project is to renovate houses and buildings in a sustainable way and to promote an environmental awareness. Therefore, guests are invited to be introduced to the ecologically sustainable project as well as to the topics of sustainable horticulture and forestry. The stay of the travelers thus finances the rehabilitation of the ecovillage, contributes to nature conservation and also contains an educational purpose.

Our travelers have already donated $660 to the project, which will go directly to the preservation of the village. We are very happy about the positive feedback we receive from our partner projects and travelers. Be part of the socialbnb family and contribute to a fair tourism!

If you want to read more about sustainable tourism, we recommend this blog post. Here you can find out to what extent we take the three pillars of sustainability into account in our daily business.

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