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Positive Impact has the best aroma – TRUESDAY

Today we’d like to introduce you to a company that we really like: TRUESDAY. TRUESDAY is the first German coffee brand that sells sustainable coffee under the “true price model”.

With TRUESDAY, you’re not only buying specialty coffee that’s in the top 5% of global trade, you’re also changing the way we do business with each other: You pay the true price – the sum of market price, environmental and social costs.

What we love most about TRUESDAY’s work: true sustainability, honest prices and complete transparency!

3 quick questions for the founder Henning Reiche

Henning is the founder and CEO of TRUESDAY and a passionate coffee drinker himself. The social injustices, ecological issues and hidden costs that all come along with coffee cultivation led him to start his company in Berlin. We are happy that he is sharing his vision with us – let’s go!

1. What is the idea behind your company and how do you contribute to a better future?

Henning: In short, we want to revolutionize the coffee market. At the moment, far too little is being done to ensure fair wages and environmental protection. That’s why we are guided by the true-price principle. With us, coffee costs exactly what it should – land use, air pollution, good wages and, of course, high-quality coffee are already included in the price.

2. How do “social” and “travel” fit together for you?

Henning: When you travel, you also have a responsibility to the environment and society. Travel is also a form of consumption. Accordingly, you should make sure that the activities you plan are also ethically justifiable. In addition, you can always ask yourself the question: Do I prefer to book with the international hotel chain or with the small, locally run guesthouse? The value chain is very important to me.

3. What makes you particularly proud when you think of TRUESDAY?

Henning: I am particularly happy when we can arouse interest in true prices. The community of those who appreciate transparency and want to bear the hidden costs of their coffee themselves is growing steadily – that makes me proud.

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