• Digital Detox – your vacation full of mindfullness

    4 hours and 37 minutes– …that’s not the time I spend with friends, working, playing sports, or doing household chores. This is the time I spend on my phone most of the day. Sometimes it works out with less time, thanks to time locks for some apps. One day I also went completely cell phone free. 24 hours without a cell phone -yay-, but still a real challenge, you feel kind of empty and bored. These withdrawal symptoms speak for themselves. On my last trip, to the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes,…

  • Volunteering – why it’s not a part of socialbnb

    Booking a socialbnb means staying in an accommodation of a social or ecological project instead of a traditional hotel or hostel. During that stay you get a close encounter with the local people and get insights in the important work of the project. We often get the question: “Can I help? Can I also book a volunteering stay?” There are several reasons why we decided that this is not part of the socialbnb experience.

  • Traveling with socialbnb – a Guide for travelers

    Creating sustainable added value with a trip - sounds great, doesn't it? With an overnight stay in a socialbnb, that's exactly what becomes possible. However, for our goal of creating sustainable tourism that benefits everyone, the behavior of travelers is also important. Since the socialbnb concept is still quite new, some things have to be taken into account so that the stay creates added value for all involved.