Vacation with dog in Germany

    You spend as much time as possible with your dog and share your whole life with him - so it's understandable that you also want to take him with you on vacation. Where you can best travel with your beloved four-legged friend, how you prepare for your trip and what you should not forget during your vacation, we show you here. This is how easy it is to go on vacation with your dog in Germany!


    Interview: The Wave Project

    It's that time again to introduce you to a company we're really like, The Wave Project. The socially sustainable foundation was started by Akim Akhter, whose exciting blog you can find here. After Akim started his world trip and noticed the poverty, pollution, but also the sincerity of the people in many countries, he decided to want to help these people. Find out in the interview with Akim, what exactly is behind the Wave Project.


    Family vacation in Europe

    With the family to the mountains, to the sea or rather on the farm - within Europe you have numerous opportunities for quality time with your loved ones. Today we present you four socialbnbs for your perfect family vacation in Europe, which will not only give you an unforgettable overnight experience, but also activities for young and old in nature. Let's go on a family vacation!


    Yoga Retreat: Our Top 3

    Are you craving to finally take some time out from your everyday life and fully dedicate yourself to yourself? Then you've come to the right place. We'll explain how you can get pretty good with yoga on your vacation and show you our top 3 socialbnbs in Indonesia, Italy and Spain where you can do a yoga retreat. Here we go!


    The largest village of plastic waste in the world

    In 2019, around 368 million tons of plastic were produced worldwide - around 18 million tons of this in Germany alone. By 2050, there could be more plastic than fish swimming in the ocean. These are frightening findings, aren't they? We want to introduce you to an extremely dedicated project in Indonesia that is listed on our platform: Project Wings. Project Wings makes use of this plastic waste and creates something gigantic out of it - the largest village of plastic waste in the world. Learn more!


    Top barrier-free hotels in Germany

    Today we want to explain why there is not "the one" accessibility, who is asking for barrier-free offers and introduce you to two brilliant barrier-free hotels in Germany, which are especially characterized by their comfort and friendly staff. One of the two hotels is even certified under the nationwide "Reisen für Alle" (which means "Travel for All") labeling system. Here we show you where you can stay in Germany without any difficulty and where you can really relax.