• Pic by Arthur Poulin on unsplash

    Rethinking travel – here are the coolest ideas

    Slow tourism and ecotourism, soft mobility, responsible travel… These are all terms that everyone has heard in the last few years. They all belong more or less to a new way of traveling - because tourism is changing. We no longer want mass tourism and all-inclusive vacations; we want to experience travel, learn about cultures, change the world and be more sustainable.

  • Our 5 best accomodations on a budget with impact

    Wanting to travel to the other end of the world, but without spending a lot of money, and then preferably sustainably - the dream of many travelers. But is that even possible? We say: Yes, definitely! There are countless socialbnb's around the world that won't cost you $20 a night. And still you have a super cool accommodation, a really authentic travel experience and contribute your part to a better tourism. We've rounded up 5 of our cheapest places to stay that are perfect for those on a budget!

  • Our 5 greatest secret tipps for a trip to Augsburg

    Every one of us knows Augsburg - at least by name - at least since the Augsburger Puppenkiste. But far too few are aware that Bavaria's third-largest city has much more to offer than that. There is probably the most important sight of the city, the Fuggerei. The oldest social settlement in the world was built at the time by Jakob Fugger for the needy. The Fugger family brought the Italian Renaissance to Augsburg. But there are countless other things you can experience in Augsburg that aren't necessarily on every list of…