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Our year at a glance – socialbnb’s best highlights

2021- an eventful year, also for socialbnb! Even though the corona pandemic kept the majority of the team in the home office, internet problems hindered some meetings and we all would have liked to visit more accommodations around the world, there were quite a few highlights. We’ve picked out a few of socialbnb’s best highlights and now look back at our three biggest successes in 2021!

socialbnb's best Highlights

our new platform

socialbnb’s most glaring experience was probably the launch of the new platform in July 2021. The new design and many cool features cost the team some sweat and tears, but it was all worth it! On the new platform, projects can manage their profiles and generate bookings themselves via their own account. As a traveler, you can also create your own profile and search for specific accommodations, or simply get inspired by the map.

The whole team behind socialbnb was totally overwhelmed by all the great feedback we received after the launch. If you see anything on the platform that could be improved, don’t be afraid to let us know – we’re constantly working on the website to make it even better for you.

the official spin-off

It all started many years ago with a trip to Cambodia and Mr. Thy, the tuk tuk driver, who wanted to build a school in his village. There he wanted to provide free English lessons for children – but the social project lacked donations. Here the idea was born to use the vacant rooms there to rent them to travelers and thus earn money and at the same time let the travelers participate in the daily life of the village. Within three months so many travelers came here that there was enough money for the school.

It’s been a long road to get here, but in the summer of 2021, socialbnb was finally established as an official social enterprise and everything was put into a legal structure. With an ever-growing team, we continue to work towards our goal of sustainably funding social and environmental projects worldwide while creating authentic experiences for travelers. Here’s to a lot more to come – because we still have a lot to do!

first bookings

Launching a website for booking travel during a global pandemic is of course a challenge, but there were actually the first bookings within a short time, which put the whole socialbnb team in great joy. The very first overnight stay took place in this beautiful socialbnb- maybe a tip for your next trip to Italy? By the way, on this blog you will find some super inspirations and helpful tips for other socialbnb’s – no matter if you are looking for something family-friendly, on a budget, an accommodation in Europe or in Asia (etc, etc, ect,…), keep clicking through and find your perfect accommodation for your next trip with impact!

Zonca Ecovillage in Italy- the first socialbnb-booking

We hope that your year was just as cool and full of exciting events, and maybe you even took a little trip or two. And the socialbnb team is keeping its fingers crossed that the next year 2022 will be another absolute highlight – pandemic or not. So we wish you a happy new year!

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