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Our 5 greatest secret tipps for a trip to Augsburg

Every one of us knows Augsburg – at least by name – at least since the Augsburger Puppenkiste. But far too few are aware that Bavaria’s third-largest city has much more to offer than that. There is probably the most important sight of the city, the Fuggerei. The oldest social settlement in the world was built at the time by Jakob Fugger for the needy. The Fugger family brought the Italian Renaissance to Augsburg.

But there are countless other things you can experience in Augsburg that aren’t necessarily on every list of touristy places to check out. We have put together five tips for a trip to Augsburg for you here.

the golden hall in the town hall

The Golden Hall on the third floor of Augsburg City Hall is considered one of the highlights of Renaissance interior design in Germany. No wonder, because the entire 14-meter-high ceiling of the hall is completely covered with gold leaf. In 1944 it was completely destroyed during the Second World War, but has been restored since 1996 after a total of 17 years of restoration.

The hall, although located on the third floor, is accessible without barriers; moreover, pupils and students get reduced admission and if you are accompanied by a severely disabled person, you can even see the golden hall for free.

the golden hall

the Fountains

If you have a weakness for fountains and water features, Augsburg is the right place for you. In the city you will find magnificent and beautiful fountains everywhere. One of these fountains is very centrally located in the center of Augsburg. Directly at the town hall square, water splashes from artistic bronze figures in a curved fountain basin, above which the city founder Augustus rises on a pedestal. Incidentally, the fountain was built in 1594 by Hubert Gerhard, who had studied in Italy with the sculptor Giovanni da Bologna.

But you will not only find large fountains in Augsburg: On many squares and in the parks you will find drinking fountains. The cast-iron fountains are not only a beautiful sight, but also a wonderfully refreshing feature and make us think back – a little wistfully – to Florence and its drinking fountains. (If you need tips for Florence and other European cities, just click here!)

the Herkules-Fountain at the Maximilansstraße

going for a walk

Explore the Fuggerstadt on foot and enjoy the last rays of sunshine – no problem, because Augsburg has some beautiful walking routes to offer. The Griesle, for example, is a beautiful park directly along the course of the river, which pretty much captivates everyone. Mysterious paths are lined with many bushes and trees, athletes can work out on the Trimm-Dich path and the many park benches invite you to linger and enjoy. The Autobahnsee and the Friedberger Baggersee are also beautiful spots to take a little break and relax.

And another little fun fact: The name Griesle is derived from the word “Gries”, which means “sandy subsoil”. Also, the Griesle region is a non-official neighborhood, which was completely undeveloped until 1900.


When you’re out and about all day in the Fuggerstadt, there’s no shortage of culinary delights. Augsburg has a lot to offer, from small boulangeries to street food Vietnamese to Spanish tapas. Our tips are probably only a small sample of the world of culinary delights there-so if you have another insider tip, feel free to let us know!

Under the motto “local, regional and sustainable”, the Kitzenmarkt Café in the heart of the city center invites you to have breakfast. From porridge and pancakes to a Moroccan breakfast, you can get everything you need for a good start to the day. The icing on the cake: the open bookcase, from which you can simply borrow a book and browse while you eat!

If you want to get out of the town center for a while, Chocolaterie Müller in the suburb of Königsbrunn is a good reason to do so. Standing in front of the store, you first think of Gaudí or Hundertwasser, but inside the chocolate castle, chocolate dreams come true. Here you will find handmade chocolate, homemade truffles and chocolates, Baumkuchen, homemade liqueurs and jams and much more.

If you are already in Bavaria, you have to taste the traditional Bavarian cuisine, don’t you? You can do that perfectly in the Bodhi inn. Here you get -purely vegan- Bavarian inn flair with hearty cuisine. From appetizers like cheese plates to main courses like rouladen or gyros to Germknödel or Kaiserschmarrn as an afterthought; here, all (non-)vegans will find something to fill their stomachs!

food at Bodhi

your accomodation

By spending the night at Hotel Einsmehr, located in the west of the city, you help people with disabilities get a job. About half of the staff at Augsburg’s first inclusive hotel are people with disabilities. The long-term goal is for people with and without disabilities to work together as equals, learn from each other and set a positive example for other companies.

Not only dealing with inclusion plays a big role at Hotel Einsmehr. Dealing with nature is also very important here. Through our own photovoltaic system, the use of organic food and ecological cleaning products as well as the consistent avoidance of waste, ecological follow-up costs are reduced to a minimum.

one of the rooms at Einsmehr

If you would like to learn more about other sustainable accommodations within Germany, click here! And if our blog here has inspired you to take a trip to Augsburg: Feel free to write us your travel experiences and new, cool insider tips, which we can then share with the community on the blog here or on our social networks! On our website you will find many more exciting accommodations worldwide, which you can of course also book and then tell us about your experiences… Feel free!

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