Our 5 best accomodations on a budget with impact

Wanting to travel to the other end of the world, but without spending a lot of money, and then preferably sustainably – the dream of many travelers. But is that even possible? We say: Yes, definitely! There are countless socialbnb’s around the world that won’t cost you $20 a night. And still you have a super cool accommodation, a really authentic travel experience and contribute your part to a better tourism. We’ve rounded up 5 of our cheapest places to stay that are perfect for those on a budget!

If you think this format is cool, check out our top 5 family-friendly accommodations with impact as well!

accomodations on a budget

Nhà Yên in Vietnam

Close to the coast, you can rent a room from $13 per night at this accommodation near the coastal town of Hoi An. The authentic rooms have a wooden look and are perfect if you want to relax after a day in the city and markets or on the beach.

Your overnight stay there finances an organization that gives people the opportunity to read and exchange books. In addition, painting, craft and recycling courses are offered there. The goal is to create space for people to learn together and from each other, and to create things without media and digitality. In addition to these activities, the organization’s employees offer “Village Cleanings” to rid the environment of the ever-increasing amount of plastic.

Mi Pequeña Ayuda in Peru

For only $14 per night, you’ll have a breathtaking view of Peru’s mountains. You can choose between private or shared rooms, all of which offer Wi-Fi access – not necessarily given! You also have the option of using a kitchen, dining room, washrooms and bathrooms, as well as a garden!

With your overnight stay you financially support a project that takes care of people with low income and/or disabilities and helps them to become more independent. The organization also offers educational programs for children and young adults.

Eco House in Argentina

In the middle of Buenos Aires, you can stay for $17 per night in sustainable accommodation in the heart of Argentina’s capital, near Plaza Serrano. Not only can you use the BBQ area, free Wi-Fi, a terrace and the garden, you also have the opportunity to participate in the house’s courses (e.g. yoga or Kung Fu).

The organization is committed to more sustainable development through education. To this end, they offer many different projects. These include, for example, environmental workshops in schools, sustainable company certificates, urban gardening courses or events that focus on sustainable awareness. Sounds pretty exciting and like a great approach, doesn’t it? By spending the night there, you’ll be helping to make the projects financially viable in the long term, so that many more people can be educated about living more sustainably.

Cepow in Cameroon

Cameroon is also known as “Africa in miniature” – from multiculturalism to its beautiful landscape, reserves, tourist centers and sandy beaches, the central African country has a lot to offer. Your accommodation for only $12 per night offers single, double and shared rooms, so you can choose according to your own comfort level.

With your overnight stay you financially support a non-governmental organization whose goal is to improve the water quality and quantity in the area and to restore habitats for wild animals. They do this by planting lots of trees and at the same time educating children about sustainable forestry and the like. There are also plans to create an Eco Village in the future.

The guest house

Zveza društev Mladinski center Idrija in Slowenia

Even in Europe it is easy to find a place to stay for 20$ a night – for example here! The town of Idrija is surrounded by picturesque landscapes and is located in the interior of Slovenia. About 500 years ago mercury was discovered there for the first time. Not far from Idrija is also the Triglav National Park – learn more about it here!

Your overnight stay there finances the largest youth center in the community. Here, young people are given space to promote ideas. They have the opportunity there to improve their social situations and contribute their potential in the local environment. Ecological awareness has always played a major role. Being in the midst of young people, you will be immersed in the culture of the Slovenians and you will certainly learn a lot!

These were our top 5 cheapest places to stay in the world! If you can’t get enough, we have a little extra for you: the Earth Company in Bali. You can also find many more accommodations here and filter and discover them according to your individual interests and preferences!

Earth Company on Bali

23$ a night- sure, that’s over our announced 20$ limit, but just for Bali still a real bargain. The Eco-Hotel in Ubud in the south of the island is surrounded by rice fields. Here you can enjoy the tranquility of Bali and be in the middle of traditional Balinese life. Especially nice is a walk in the morning or at sunset through the rice fields along the path that borders the property.

The organization wants to act ecologically and socially in every respect – which they want to implement with sustainable practices and innovative technologies – also with regard to tourism. The organization’s so-called Impact Heroes are supported with fundraising activities for three years to implement their projects for a more sustainable world. Learn more about it here. And that’s exactly what you’re helping to finance with your overnight stay there – you can’t get more win-win than that, can you?


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