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Microadventure: your vacation in miniature edition

Do you know this: your week was once again way too full, you had a dozen too many appointments and would love to just get out of the hectic – so lets get on a microadventure. It’s not too difficult to get out of the house and take a deep breath, to see and hear something different. For relaxation and change you don’t always need a faraway country and new cultures, sometimes a microadventure is enough! Because that, in addition to time off, also sharpens your sense of the here and now. Turn off your autopilot mode and read this post about the not so unimportant mini-breaks!

What is a microadventure?

Easy to realize, (short) and inexpensive activities. Practically a miniature adventure- often on your own doorstep. Microadventures can be super small activities. Be it a hike without a GPS or following the nearest stream back to its original source. Microadventures are all about getting you out of your daily routine in a way. You consciously escape your comfort zone. In the process, you recharge your batteries and grow from the challenge.

Why are Microadventures important?

Because we are too routine. Sounds wrong, because routine is good for us in a way. But only in moderation. The everyday life of most of us is probably a constantly recurring routine. Get up at 07:00, drink coffee, brush teeth, work, lunch break, work…. and so on. Too much of these fixed structures paralyzes creativity. If you think back to how quickly the last three months have passed and how many new, exciting things you have experienced in this time, it will in all likelihood be kept to a minimum.

To escape exactly that without having to take three weeks of vacation, you can go on microadventures. For a short time, you break out of your everyday life, live in a completely different world for a few days or even just a few hours, and recharge your batteries with new energy and perspectives.

Tipps for your own Microadventure

If you can’t come up with a bunch of creative ideas for things to do right away, your bucket list might help. Know your own desires and dreams and go wild on them! If you don’t have a bucket list, write down your personal answer to the following questions:

What places have I always wanted to spend the night?
What is a challenge for me?
Do I want relaxation, thrills, exercise or….?
What costs me an overcoming?
Do I want to be indoors or outdoors?

Of course, there are countless more questions – maybe you’ll think of some while writing them down yourself! But make sure that the microadventures only challenge you, not overtax you. If you want to overcome your fear of heights, it doesn’t have to be a skydive. Start small – after all it is a MICROadventure! Get to know your own limits and raise them step by step. A climbing garden would be better for the beginning to overcome a part of your fear of heights – you can always feel your way up.

Ideas for your Microadventure

You need concrete ideas? No problem. We’ve put together a few for you here, too, with the whole Internet teeming with thought-provoking ideas. You don’t really have an excuse anymore.

A night under the open sky. You can even do it in your own garden or on the balcony.

Star gazing.

Kayaking. You can rent a kayak anywhere there is water. Just grab one and paddle for a few hours in a direction you may not know. If you don’t want to spend any money, Greenkayak lets you kayak for free as long as you pick up some trash on your little sea trip. Learn more about it here.

Always ride your bike in one direction only. Just turn right and see where you end up!

Ice bathing. Rather something for the hardy. Here you should also have a person with you who already knows something about ice bathing, because the whole thing is not entirely harmless.

Explore your hometown like a tourist. In doing so, you might get to know completely different corners!

Go ahead and flip a coin. Heads are to the right, tails to the left. At each intersection, the coin alone decides which direction you go.

Into the forest at night. Quite scary, but somehow also exciting. And you’ll probably find out that the forest at night isn’t as bad as you stereotype it from movies and books.

Spend a night in a socialbnb. It doesn’t sound like much of an adventure at first. But being with the local people, cooking and listening to their stories makes it very exciting. And don’t worry – there are also accommodations for little money. You’ll still be doing good. If you want to learn more about socialbnb, click here.

Hopefully you’ve found some cool ideas for your first or next mini adventure and are using the weekend to slow down a bit. You are also welcome to tell us about your adventure, just write us on Instagram or Facebook!

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