We are the people behind socialbnb – As a young and open-minded team, we work every day on our vision to make travel more sustainable, to create a tourism that benefits everyone. It is very important to us to keep our social focus and to support projects worldwide, while at the same time giving travelers a special travel experience. With a lot of team spirit, fun, drive and always on eye level we work on these goals. Learn more about our team and the people behind socialbnb here.

Jule, 22 years, Marketing Management

Why do I work for socialbnb? Having completed my studies in sustainable tourism, I quickly realized that tourism can make a great, meaningful difference and holds a real power for change. While searching for sustainable tourism companies, I found socialbnb and applied directly. Doing something good through travel is exactly what I like and what interests me, both privately and professionally. I would like to find a balance through tourism and, because of my educational background, achieve just that. There is so much potential to do something meaningful instead of continuing to take money out of rich tourists’ pockets to make them travel inauthentically and staged. socialbnb offers just that. You can contribute your knowledge, accompany things from start to finish and contribute your opinion in a meaningful way. As such a young and newly graduated student, I appreciate exactly that, a super great team, an insanely cool idea and the whole thing as professional work – it doesn’t get any better than that.

What is important for me, in the context of socialbnb? At socialbnb, it’s especially important to me that we function as a team the way we do. Teamwork and regular exchange within the team is very important to me. Everyone has an opinion and should be able to express it. In general, the exchange with the team members. We have a great relationship with everyone and everything is on a friendly level. We also talk about topics that have nothing to do with socialbnb and exchange private information. I really love and appreciate that. It is also important to me to continue to strive for the intentions and visions that we represent. Doing good through tourism! Otherwise, the modern corporate governance codes are just as important.  Sustainability naturally also plays a role within the company. The right use of resources, the awareness and the common striving in the right direction, that is it, the common motivation to pull together. That’s important to me and I appreciate it very much at socialbnb.

Next time i want to travel to… If I had to decide on a vacation destination at the moment, it would be Jordan. The country fascinates me. I met two Jordanians and they made me totally euphoric to visit the country and the locals. However, due to Corona and the travel restrictions, I would be just as happy with a little trip through Italy. Italy, old villages, the beach and sea, that also appeals to me at the moment.  I’ve decided not to do any more air travel. Let’s see if I can do that, or if my wanderlust gets in the way.

My favorite travel destination so far: I lived in Canada for half a year and it was a dream. Really such a beautiful country and lovely locals. Iceland is also wonderful and is one of my absolute favorite countries (especially the north of Iceland). Nature, relaxed people, great natural spectacles, such as northern lights and good food, convinced me especially. But even here it is incredibly difficult to commit. There are so many different great places, which in their own special way become my favorite destination

Mara, 22 years, Marketing Management

Why do I work for socialbnb? socialbnb was introduced as a social start up at our university, I was already very enthusiastic about the idea, in the course of my internship semester I wanted to become part of it. It perfectly covers my interests awakened by my studies in sustainable tourism.

What is important for me, in the context of socialbnb? In connection with socialbnb, the aspect of sustainability is particularly important to me. It is clear that the idea of sustainability is indispensable in today’s world, but the question is how to implement it in the specific area of tourism. The focus on the social component and long-term aid is also important for me, it’s all about finding individual ideas and solutions for the people.

Next time i want to travel to… I would love to travel latin america, hopefully Covid will allow me to do that. Especially Mexico is interesting for me and I would have the chance to visit my family which lives in Arizona (USA).

My favorite travel destination so far: So far my favorite destination is Sri Lanka, this trip was one of my first bigger ones and totally blew me away, especially the diversity in so many areas and the openness of the people.

Alex, 25 years, Co-Founder & Marketing Management

Why do I work for socialbnb? I started my studies of Geography and Media Science intending to communicate all the great ideas to improve our society and the world understandably. I‘m convinced that communication is the key to inspire many people to make a difference and to act for a better planet. With socialbnb I found the perfect connection for that. I have the possibility to include the knowledge of my studies field in communication and also in the field of sustainable development of regions.

What is important for me, in the context of socialbnb? The most important thing for me is the social focus of socialbnb. We started with a mission, to give all those great ideas, projects, and organizations that are working in improving the world a platform for financing their projects and also for sharing their messages. That’s why we started socialbnb as a social start-up which means we are focusing on maximizing its impact first hand. Even if we are permanently growing and business principles are important to keep our work running, we will always stay focused to reach our mission and create a better tourism that benefits everyone.

Next time i want to travel to… I would love to visit South East Asia one day, especially because of the amazing food and to get a better understanding of the different cultures.

My favorite travel destination so far: Every place I traveled inspired me in many ways. Probably the most amazing trip I had was to New Zealand and Iceland. I loved the rough nature and diversity of the landscapes and the adventurous time going camping between vulcanoes, mountains or close to glacier lakes.

Nils, 27 years, Co-Founder

Why do I work for socialbnb? Socialbnb is for me the perfect combination. I love to travel and have been working with many organizations worldwide. It is just great to see the passionate and dedicated people working on these projects and being able to somehow support them on their journey is a great feeling. At the same time, having the feedback from travelers who have been staying at these organization is just as satisfying because we really feel, like we are having an impact on both the travelers and the organizations by bringing them together, crossing boundaries and sensitizing for each other’s problems.

What is important for me, in the context of socialbnb? The team behind socialbnb is just amazing, so many great people working on a common goal is very inspiring to see. It just great fun to be working together on a new way of sustainable travel and we hope that we can help to shape the tourism industry of tomorrow.

Next time i want to travel to… My next dream destination would be Colombia which has been high on my list for a long time. But as destinations that are closer seem more realistic at the moment, I would love to see Georgia & Armenia or surfing in Portugal, which is always a great option.

My favorite travel destination so far: I lived in Argentina for more than a year and it amazed me with its welcoming people and stunning landscapes. The diversity of nature is incredible, from the Iguazu Falls to the glaciers in Patagonia it is just beautiful. At the same time, I loved Hawai’i. Such a unique landscape and it feels like paradise.

Janine, 28 years, Partner Management Latin America

Why do I work for socialbnb? When I heard about socialbnb for the first time, I was immediately convinced by the idea. I joined the team because for me it is the best way to combine my passion of traveling with my studies in business administration. I would have loved to have such a platform during my travels. It is the best way to dive deeply into a culture and to get away from all the mass tourism. Further, it is a great way to exchange knowledge and experiences and to broaden your own horizon.  And for sure the best thing is that you can help those great projects to finance their incredible work while traveling.

What is important for me, in the context of socialbnb? For me the great projects in the whole world are the most important part of socialbnb. They do such a great job, and their work needs to get more attention. For sure, I also really enjoy the company atmosphere because we are a really divers and open-minded team and it is great to exchange ideas and experiences with my colleagues.

Next time i want to travel to… My last planned trip which was then unfortunately canceled due to Covid-19 was to Israel. During my travels I have met many isreali people who were really world open and who made me curious about the country. Isreal has so many things to offer from a modern metropolis to many historical and cultural places and also the landscape varies a lot, from mountains to desert and the dead sea everything can be found in Israel. Further, it was always a dream of mine to live for a while in Canada. To meet the great people there and to experience their way of life.

My favorite travel destination so far: It is difficult for me to decide for a favorite place or country because everything has its own special charm. I really do like the relaxed lifestyle and the hospitality in Latin America, especially Costa Rica and Colombia with their cultural diversity and biodiversity surprised me. Further, living one year with a New Zealand family was also an incredible experience. Especially the remoteness and the endless landscapes of New Zealand fascinated me. That is why, I would love to go back to visit my host family again.

Melina. 21 years, Marketing Management

Why do I work for socialbnb? I study Tourism Management and wanted to exert the stuff i learned at university at a small Start-Up. I thought it would be great to have something which aktivly does something for the environment or pleads for social equity. When i heard of socialbnb it was just the perfect combination of a young company with a brill team and the ideal vision of how tourism could and should work. Having the possibility to change tourism and learn a lot for my future at socialbnb is probably the best thing that could happen to me for an internship.

What is important for me, in the context of socialbnb? The teamwork is a really important item for me. It is so important and also interesting to hear about the other opinions and views on things- and this not only once a month. The regular exchange of knowledge, information, ideas and thoughts is very present at socialbnb- this is what i really like about. Plus, the chance of having a social and ecological impact with helping all our partner-projects to get financially stable just by connecting travellers to them is totally awesome.

Next time i want to travel to… It is so hard to decide here, because my list with destinations is lenghty, but i’d choose africa. I would love to explore the nature and wildlife in Namibia and Tanzania, maybe combining it with sleeping at a socialbnb and then driving down to south africa to go surfing. But in view of the current situation where it’s not possible to go that far, i would love to visit norway or portugal!

My favorite travel destination so far: Again a very hard decision, because no place i traveled was foolish. I totally fell in love with Italy, its nature, the lifestyle, the old villages and of course the super tasty food. But France, Spain and Greece were amazing too and Finland fascinated me as well, because it was so different compared to the meditarian countries. I can lierally suggest every country; since every country has its own assets, and you can always get to know new cultures, lifestyles, food, sports or landscapes.

Kerstin, 23, Partner Management Europa

Why do I work for socialbnb? When I heard about socialbnb for the first time during my studies, the following came immediately to my mind “Why had no one come up before with the idea of using tourism in connection with socially relevant projects in such a way that an added value can be created for all stakeholders.”. A lot of people associate the term “sustainability” with giving up on something. While traveling with socialbnb, you do not have to dispense with anything, on the contrary, not only traveller benefit, but we place great importance to the fact that tourism enables everyone to participate in society. I was simply thrilled about the idea and I realized that socialbnb combines all key elements that represent sustainable tourism, in which I want to play a part.    

What is important for me, in the context of socialbnb? In the context of socialbnb most important for me or rather impressive for me is that everyone is working on a par with another, whether it is among colleagues or with our partner projects. All interest as well as opinions are considered. Also important to me is that we vouch for sustainability both through the work with our partners and within the team. The exchange of experiences and tips ensure the maintaining of awareness and understanding for the importance of sustainability.  

Next time i want to travel to… It is hard to decide, because of Corona I would love to visit every destination that is not matching my environment for the last 1,5 years. If I could travel without any restrictions, I would probably choose New Zealand. I met a few New Zealander and it seems that the diversity of the nature as well as the people are amazing.  

My favourite travel destination so far: My favourite destination is one of the countries I visited in Central America, probably Guatemala. I loved the spirit of those fun-loving people, the incredible diversity of the landscape – especially the volcanoes – and the Latin flair.  

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