Get exciting hidden gems for your next trip. Whether secret places, delicious restaurants or great recipes. Here you will feel like a local.

  • The most beautiful campsite in Namibia
    In southwestern Africa you will find the beautiful country of Namibia. It is called “the land of red silence” among other things. Get insights on why it’s worth traveling to Namibia and what benefits a camping vacation offers you. The best part is, you’ll be traveling with impact and supporting a great project with your overnight stay. Stay tuned to find out more. The most beautiful campsite in Namibia is just waiting for you to visit.
  • Culinary journey through our socialbnbs – the best recipes for you
    Food connects people, doesn’t it? Do you love trying out new dishes from other cultures? Then this is exactly the right place for you. Today we present three socialbnbs where you can cook with the locals and also give you the best recipes from the respective country. Grab your spoons, set, go!
  • Backpacking in Mexico – Matilda’s travel experiences
    ¡Viva México, cabrones! Earlier this year I took a very special backpacking trip to Mexico. In about seven weeks I traveled through the east and a small part of the south of Mexico – and I am already sure that it was not the last time I will visit this wonderful country!
  • Sustainable and authentic: the Kapawi Eco-Lodge
    Doing something sustainable for the development of the indigenous people of the Achuar Nation, protecting the rainforest, and personally getting a lot out of it – isn’t that a bit too much to ask? No. It is super easy – because in Ecuador, in Tumbaco near Cumbayá, you can book your socialbnb – with exactly this impact. Sustainable and authentic. To be more precise, this is about Kapawi Ecolodge. This is an ecotourism organization in the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador. As a conscious traveler, you can have authentic cultural experiences with the locals in a breathtaking, untouched environment.
  • schickSAAL* Lübeck – way more than just a hostel
    In the middle of Lübeck’s mini-neighborhood you’ll find the schickSAAL*, a collectively run, queer-feminist and anarchist project. In addition to the hostel, it also includes an event venue, a pub and a café. In schickSAAL a creative and lively place for life-enriching encounters is to emerge. Spaces and offers will be designed in the sense of a ‘politicized aestheticism’.
  • Your stay in Nairobi: 5 great insider tips
    Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is also known as the “City of the Sun”. More than 4 million people live in the vibrant capital, offers culture enthusiasts, animal fans and adventurers so much. The special thing about the city: almost nowhere else is the wilderness as close to the city as it is here. The Nairobi National Park lies virtually at the gates of the city and is the world’s only open game reserve on city territory. Despite this, Nairobi is very modern and continues to grow. Immigrants and travelers from all over the world are drawn to the second largest city in East Africa. Since gaining independence, Nairobi has become Kenya’s most important industrial and commercial center.
  • Our top 5 accommodations in Southeast Asia for you
    Breathtaking landscapes, new cultures, unknown food, temples, metropolises… The largest continent on earth has all this and much more to offer. Especially Southeast Asia has become a super popular travel destination in recent years – especially for backpackers. In the following, we have compiled our top 5 accommodations in the classic Southeast Asia backpacking round trip countries. Here you will find countless other accommodations that are not only really cool, but also contribute socially or ecologically..
  • Our 5 greatest secret tipps for a trip to Augsburg
    Every one of us knows Augsburg – at least by name – at least since the Augsburger Puppenkiste. But far too few are aware that Bavaria’s third-largest city has much more to offer than that. There is probably the most important sight of the city, the Fuggerei. The oldest social settlement in the world was built at the time by Jakob Fugger for the needy. The Fugger family brought the Italian Renaissance to Augsburg. But there are countless other things you can experience in Augsburg that aren’t necessarily on every list of touristy places to check out. We have put together five tips for you here.
  • 8000 km, four bikes and one purpose – Bicionarios
    Bicionarios seeks to strengthen their proposals, promote their continuity and support experiences that emerge at the grassroots level, leveraging local capacity for the development of their communities. We asked Serjio for an interview and got a few interesting answers about Bicionarios. Scroll through to learn more!
  • Realtalk: Sustainable travel – with Mona and Alex
    Sustainability is on everyone’s lips and cannot be mentioned often enough. There are always things that can be designed and lived even more sustainably. Of course not only at home, but also on the road and while you travel. We asked ourselves what Mona and Alex from betterworldtravellers think about the topic and how they try to implement sustainable travel. The two have given up everything in Germany in September 2020 and now want to travel around the world in their camper Van for the next 10 years. They are living the ecotourism – but see for yourself!
  • Sustainable accomodations in Germany for your happy stay
    Travelling through Germany has become popular at the latest since the corona pandemic. You don’t necessarily have to travel 2,000 kilometres for fairytale landscapes, city feeling or salty sea air – because Germany has all that to offer. If you’re looking for sustainable accommodation, check out our suggestions. The great thing about booking one of these accommodations is that in addition to a super cool stay, you’ll also be helping to finance a social and/or ecological project – what more could you ask for!?
    The tuk-tuks and us, three weeks in Sri Lanka. Do you know this fascinating sight when thousands of people cross an intersection? We were right in the middle of it with our own tuk-tuk.
  • Travel like a local to Barcelona
    Local experience from one of our team members who was in Barcelona a few weeks ago- learn about the Covid-19 situation, some nice restaurant insider tips and so on…
    Your trip to Cambodia is coming soon? Are you finished planning? If you don’t belong to the type of really spontaneous travellers, you probably have thought about what you wanna see in Cambodia. We want to support your planning and give you some hints, what could be interesting for your next adventure!