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Interview: The Wave Project

It’s that time again to introduce you to a company we’re really like, The Wave Project. The socially sustainable foundation was started by Akim Akhter, whose exciting blog you can find here. After Akim started his world trip and noticed the poverty, pollution, but also the sincerity of the people in many countries, he decided to want to help these people. Find out in the interview with Akim, what exactly is behind the Wave Project.

Picture by The Wave Project

1. What is the vision of The Wave Project? How did it all begin?

Akim: The Wave Project is a charity organization that came into being during a trip around the world. When I was socially engaged abroad during a sabbatical year, I wanted to continue doing so here in Germany. Since I felt that the foundations here did not work transparently and effectively enough, I decided to start my own.

The symbol of the wave stands for solidarity, because only together and through social commitment can something be moved. Our vision is to give as many children as possible a better future. This is achieved primarily through education and by ensuring basic supplies such as food. 

2. What are your tasks?

Akim: We see it as our task to secure a school place for as many students as possible and to support them and their families financially until they graduate from school. This is the only way to give them the opportunity to break out of poverty and develop personally. We also coordinate fundraising activities and events here in Germany. Through local non-profit organizations and contact persons, we can guarantee full transparency on site and report accordingly on our projects and the donations.

3. What successes have you been able to achieve so far? What makes you particularly happy or proud when you think about The Wave Project?

Akim: In the four years we have been able to expand our projects so that we can now offer support in three countries: Indonesia, Pakistan and Kenya. The idea that was born on the world trip could be successfully implemented. Last year, thanks to donations, we were able to secure educational sponsorships in Pakistan. Thus, a school class was created by The Wave Project.

We are especially happy to see the faces of the children we have been able to support so far and the gratitude and pride they express. 

4. How can people support your work?

Akim: Of course, people support our work in the best possible way through monetary donations, including birthday campaigns via Facebook or the use of SmileAmazon. In addition, our work can also be supported through other commitments, including partnerships, advertising opportunities and, of course, by sharing and reporting our contributions and our actions, because only in this way we succeed in making more children happy.

Picture by The Wave Project

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