Meet people behind their social & ecological projects. They want to make a difference and make the world a better place through their work – true impact hosts.

  • Sustainable Development in Uganda – an interview with Stella from Intercultural Development Agency
    As their trip to Uganda continued, our founding team visited the Intercultural Development Agency in Entebbe and had a great exchange with the founder and program director, Stella Aikiteng. IDA’s mission is to raise awareness of issues related to child employment and child protection. Your overnight stay at this socialbnb thus supports sustainable community development and education through creative arts. In the interview Stella gives you personal insights into her work, vision and motivation to start working on this great social project. Stay tuned!
  • Women empowerment – an interview with Hope from Resilient Women’s Organization
    On their exciting journey through Uganda, our founders Alex and Nils did not miss the opportunity to visit some socialbnbs in person to get an insight into the project work. On the one hand, both hoped for an interesting exchange with the local people to see how it can be helped to provide better support with socialbnb after covid times. On the other hand they wanted to check to what extent the quality requirements of the social startup are met. Furthermore they also wanted to identify some potential new cooperation partners. The first stop of their socialbnb visits was at Resilient Women’s Organization and it was a great success! We have an interview with Hope, the executive director and co-founder, for you today. She tells you about RMO’s vision and much more – learn all about women empowerment at this wonderful social project in Entebbe, Uganda.
  • Culinary journey through our socialbnbs – the best recipes for you
    Food connects people, doesn’t it? Do you love trying out new dishes from other cultures? Then this is exactly the right place for you. Today we present three socialbnbs where you can cook with the locals and also give you the best recipes from the respective country. Grab your spoons, set, go!
  • Looking for adventure? 5 unique places for camping
    You won’t get any closer to nature and adventure – camping is the motto. Simple, uncomplicated and authentic. Get in touch with interesting people in an intact nature and alternative accommodation.
  • Social travel is also possible in Germany
    You don’t have to travel to the other end of the world to support a social or ecological project. Today we introduce you to three of our top socialbnbs in different German regions – social travel is also possible in Germany.
  • Social travel in Nepal – connect with the locals
    So if you’re wondering what this Asian country has to offer you travel-wise and why our socialbnbs in Nepal are definitely worth a visit, stay tuned. Wanderlust guaranteed!
  • Hungry for sun? Our top 5 accommodations in the warm
    Christmas is over and it feels like winter has already been far too long. You also long for sun, warmth and have no desire to put on what feels like ten sweaters and then throw on the raincoat to be prepared for the dreary rainy weather? Neither do we. Luckily, there are plenty of socialbnbs around the world that will make you forget about the unpleasant weather in no time. Here are five places to stay in the warm that will not only do your soul good, but also add value for everyone else!
  • Sustainable and authentic: the Kapawi Eco-Lodge
    Doing something sustainable for the development of the indigenous people of the Achuar Nation, protecting the rainforest, and personally getting a lot out of it – isn’t that a bit too much to ask? No. It is super easy – because in Ecuador, in Tumbaco near Cumbayá, you can book your socialbnb – with exactly this impact. Sustainable and authentic. To be more precise, this is about Kapawi Ecolodge. This is an ecotourism organization in the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador. As a conscious traveler, you can have authentic cultural experiences with the locals in a breathtaking, untouched environment.
  • Our top five socialbnb accomodations in Ecuador
    Only about half the size of Germany, but incredibly diverse: Ecuador. Its landscapes, cultural diversity, warm-hearted people and breathtaking biodiversity (like almost nowhere else in the world!) make the republic in the northwest of South America an incredibly exciting (travel) country. There are also a lot of socialbnb’s where you can stay authentically with a good conscience and definitely gain a special insight into the life of the locals. You can’t do that with a classic hotel stay! Therefore, here are our five accomodations in Ecuador that are so cool, that you’ll never want to leave again! Search factor of this kind of sleeping / travelling is incoming…
  • Staying with fitness guarantee: 2022 will be sporty!
    The Christmas season is over, New Year’s Eve has hung over and the last remnants of the festive meals are eaten… And now it’s finally time to start exercising again! The resolution for the new year: to last longer. The best thing is to be active and fit all year round. For the perfect start and a playfully easy and also totally bearable way of this hard resolution you only need one thing: vacation. We have two of our coolest accommodations with fitness guarantee for you. There you can hardly avoid getting active. And it’s fun, too; we guarantee it.
  • schickSAAL* Lübeck – way more than just a hostel
    In the middle of Lübeck’s mini-neighborhood you’ll find the schickSAAL*, a collectively run, queer-feminist and anarchist project. In addition to the hostel, it also includes an event venue, a pub and a café. In schickSAAL a creative and lively place for life-enriching encounters is to emerge. Spaces and offers will be designed in the sense of a ‘politicized aestheticism’.
  • Our top 5 accommodations in Southeast Asia for you
    Breathtaking landscapes, new cultures, unknown food, temples, metropolises… The largest continent on earth has all this and much more to offer. Especially Southeast Asia has become a super popular travel destination in recent years – especially for backpackers. In the following, we have compiled our top 5 accommodations in the classic Southeast Asia backpacking round trip countries. Here you will find countless other accommodations that are not only really cool, but also contribute socially or ecologically..
  • Our 5 best accomodations on a budget with impact
    Wanting to travel to the other end of the world, but without spending a lot of money, and then preferably sustainably – the dream of many travelers. But is that even possible? We say: Yes, definitely! There are countless socialbnb’s around the world that won’t cost you $20 a night. And still you have a super cool accommodation, a really authentic travel experience and contribute your part to a better tourism. We’ve rounded up 5 of our cheapest places to stay that are perfect for those on a budget!
  • The 5 best, family-friendly accomodations with impact
    Something to experience, a bit of peace and quiet, fun for the kids, getting to know new people – it’s not easy to reconcile all of this on a trip. And yet, there are plenty of family-friendly places to stay. We’ve put together our top five socialbnbs that are perfect for families!
  • Suits every taste: our 5 best accomodations in Europe
    After we recently presented our top sustainable accommodations in Germany, here are our recommendations for your next accommodation within Europe!
  • Travel like a local to Barcelona
    Local experience from one of our team members who was in Barcelona a few weeks ago- learn about the Covid-19 situation, some nice restaurant insider tips and so on…
    I follow the street that goes from a small suburb of Florence into a hilly scenery. It is late and i can only divine the shapes of the high mountains on the horizon. After another turn in the road an avenue with cypresses several metres high opens up. Hello Tuscany – you already feel so good! The endless cypresses string together along the strait driveway and lead me to a gate.