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Hungry for sun? Our top 5 accommodations in the warm

Christmas is over and it feels like winter has already been far too long. You also long for sun, warmth and have no desire to put on what feels like ten sweaters and then throw on the raincoat to be prepared for the dreary rainy weather? Neither do we. Luckily, there are plenty of socialbnbs around the world that will make you forget about the unpleasant weather in no time. Here are five accommodations in the warm that will not only do good for your soul, but also add value for everyone else!

Africachild, Kenia

Your socialbnb in Kenya is located 800 meters from the Indian Ocean in Diani Beach. At a wonderfully warm 25 to 30 degrees Celsius, you can relax in the small wooden huts when you’re not lying on the beach. Diani Beach is – not without reason – one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The city of Mombasa is only an hour away from the village and the Tsavo National Park is not far away. But actually you don’t have to go that far if you want to experience something. Because the social project Africachild, to which your socialbnb belongs, is at least as exciting. The team will be happy to show you their tasks and let you get to know the project.

Africachild supports young mothers in Kenya. Pregnant girls and young mothers who have been abandoned by their families are cared for there in a village of round huts. They receive family support, psychological and socializing counseling, and basic medical and material care. But that’s not all: education and/or training are also on the program. On the one hand, educational incentives are provided to strengthen the role of women and mothers. The women are also given the opportunity to receive training so that they can later earn money for their families on their own.

Picture by Africa Child, Kenia - one of our accommodations in the warm

Pina Palmera, Mexiko

Imagine lying on a golden sandy beach, enjoying a beautiful sunset and then strolling through a small town with incredibly nice people – and all this at a pleasant 25°C. If you like this idea as much as we do, the socialbnb near Puerto Angél, right on the coast of Mexico, is the right place for you.

The beach is only a five-minute walk away and the town offers everything you need for a relaxing trip. In the Pina Palmera you also have the opportunity to participate in various workshops, do yoga or go on excursions with other travelers. For example, the surf festivals or the hot springs in the vicinity are ideal for this. Of course, there is so much more to discover. If you want exclusive excursion tips, it’s not a problem, because you can simply ask the locals who are part of the Pina Palmera team!

If you are already on the verge of booking, we’ll add a little extra. Because your accommodation offers not only you, but also the organization an enormous added value. By staying there overnight, you contribute to the support of people with disabilities and their families. Because that is the goal of Pina Palmera: to do community work with people with different disabilities. This involves awareness programs within the local community.

The projects include inclusion and rehabilitation processes, inclusive education and workshops with and for people with disabilities. All of this ends up enabling them to live largely independent lives in rural or suburban communities. So, what are you waiting for- off to Mexico!

Simabo ONLUS, Kap Verde

In the northwest of the island of São Vicente on the bay of Mindelo in Cape Verde is another socialbnb that is perfect for winter escapees. The colorful city is considered the secret capital of Cape Verde and is actually the second largest city in the archipelago off Africa’s west coast. The whole island is a true paradise for nature lovers, hiking enthusiasts, surf fanatics and sun seekers.

And honestly, what more do you want than to be able to go diving, swim with turtles, surf or take dance classes at any time? All this can be organized by the team of Simabo ONLUS, your socialbnb. And in fact there is more! You also support the organization behind the whole thing. The goal of the project is to reduce the high number of stray cats and dogs on the islands through neutering campaigns. In addition, workshops are held to raise awareness of animal welfare among the local population.

The Simabo ONLUS consists of several parts: there is an animal shelter where the strays are taken in and placed with families. There are also educational programs for children and young people, where, for example, schools are visited and the kids are educated about what animal welfare means. A free clinic is also part of Simabo ONLUS . It is open every day and gives locals and their pets the opportunity to have their four-legged friends wormed, neutered or treated. Stray animals are also treated there.

And last but not least, there is the hostel where you can stay. Here you can choose between single, double, twin or shared rooms, just as your personal taste is. But what is almost guaranteed is that you will meet locals and travelers from all over the world with whom you can chat. Because you are staying directly with the locals, you can hardly stay more authentic!

Picture by Simabo ONLUS, Kap Verde

Ceylon Food Trails, Sri Lanka

In the south of the island of Sri Lanka there is another socialbnb that is guaranteed to immediately awaken your wanderlust. Ceylon Food Trails offers you a socialbnb not far from the beautiful beach of Ahangama. The beach is a little insider tip for surfers and all those who want to escape crowded beaches.

About 20 minutes away is the next biggest city Galle. It is considered by many to be the most beautiful city on the island and scores with its old fortress walls – a remnant of Sri Lanka’s colonial past. But also in Ahangama you will find everything you need. There are small shops, restaurants, cafes and shopping facilities. Of course you can try these restaurants, but if you want to experience the local cuisine, you don’t even have to leave your socialbnb.

During your stay at this socialbnb you can experience traditional stilt fishing, local cuisine, interaction with locals, hearty, healthy, delicious meals and much more.

Because your overnight stay supports the financing of the social project Ceylon Food Trails. Here, authentic and sustainable community-based experiences around food are offered in order to strengthen the local population and to preserve the traditional culinary arts of Sri Lanka. This valuable heritage of traditional cuisine is passed down from generation to generation, but is increasingly disappearing due to Western influences and modernization.

It actually only exists in the remote villages of Sri Lanka. The people who live there need more income to be able to support themselves and lead a better life. And that is where Ceylon Food Trails comes in: They help these small communities by using the food the people there grow themselves.

Picture by Ceylon Food Trails, Sri Lanka

Tenerife Horse Rescue, Tenerife

Wouldn’t a trip to the “Island of Eternal Spring” be just fantastic now in these cold days? On the largest Canary Island, thanks to the Gulf Stream, it is still 21 degrees even in January. So Tenerife presents itself all year round with a diverse, exotic flora and fauna, volcanoes and mountains, beautiful coasts and even different climate zones.

Our shelter for you belongs to a sanctuary for horses and other animals on the coast of Arico. The organization rescues abandoned, abused and neglected animals and provides them with a safe home as well as necessary veterinary treatment, rehabilitation and lifelong care. Their focus is also on sustainability: more than 90% of building materials are recycled, electricity is self-generated, there is a self-built water system, and food comes from grocers and bakeries. There, the food would otherwise be thrown away.

With your overnight stay in a pretty, authentic yurt, you finance the animal rescue station one hundred percent. Vincent Dehler tested the socialbnb here and found it to be good – maybe you’ll be the next one!

Picture by Tenerife Horse Rescue, Teneriffa

You don’t mind the cold and wet European weather that much? You just want to go on vacation, travel and meet other people? Then read this blog post as well. Of course you can also go directly to our website and check out all the socialbnbs that are available!

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