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Doing good this christmas time: here are 5 ideas

The next Christmas is approaching, the days are contemplative and you would like to do something good for other people? That’s probably how many people feel here. The choice is huge – because you can do good and volunteer in all corners and ends. The research can quickly become exhausting. That’s why we have five ideas for you in this blog, what you could do good- without much effort or spending money. And the best thing about it: you can implement most of our suggestions throughout the year. Because doing good in christmastime should be extented to the remaining eleven months of the year. Just start in December… and don’t ever stop again!


Who knows it – the closet is far too full. An alternative to throwing it away or selling it is Packmee. This is an innovative packing and collecting system for textiles and shoes. It works on several levels sustainably and is not only in the Christmas season a great idea to do something good! The goal is clear: clothing should get a second life and natural resources should be conserved.

What do you have to do? It’s easy: Pack your clothes in a cardboard box (according to the motto: the heavier the better.), print out a free shipping label and press the package into the hand of your letter carrier. Alternatively, you can drop it off at the nearest DHL store, which you’ll find on every street corner. By the way, you’ll also receive a voucher from one of Packmee’s partners – perhaps for new clothes?

Doing good this christmastime - Pic by Kira auf der Heide on unsplash

toom x fair trees

Christmas trees from fair harvesting- cool idea, isn’t it? In this campaign, the DIY store Toom plants a new tree for every Nordmann fir sold. The animal and plant world is particularly protected. The pesticide regulations have been agreed with the partner companies that plant the trees and go beyond the legal requirements. In addition, the DIY store supports social projects in the harvesting regions in Georgia. For example, it has already been possible to open a dental practice in an elementary school for children. Here, the kids receive free treatment.

In addition, toom is working with the Danish Fair Trees Foundation to promote fair working conditions and greater safety during the cone harvest in Georgia. This includes, for example, accident insurance and year-round health insurance for the entire family of the workers. But it also includes good and safe climbing equipment, climbing training and fair wages. So- is your Christmas tree also a fair tree this year?

Pic by Michael Fenton on unsplash

Share – social buying decisions

A real alternative, and not just for the Christmas season: the social impact brand Share. The team has set itself the task of creating social benefit through consumption. Because buying helps. With a wide range of products, they create a social alternative for your everyday consumption decisions. They offer almost everything you need – it has never been easier to do good. From personal care products to stationery, food or beverages, there’s everything. The ingredients are sustainable, and as few ingredients as possible are used. And if you scan the QR code on the back of your product, you can see directly which project your money is going to.

7% of Share’s sales are invested in social projects. When the start-up was founded in 2017, they were already able to finance the construction and repair of many wells in Africa, the distribution of 2 million meals and 550000 soaps in national and international aid programs in the first year.

Bikes for africa

You’re getting a new bike for Christmas? Then donate your old, functional bike to this cool initiative! The goal of this initiative is to build bicycle workshops in Africa and to train local people to become bicycle mechanics. This forms the basis for the development of a new economic sector and the possibility of sustainable income generation. Why all this? – The lack of individual mobility slows down social and economic recovery in developing countries. In Africa, public transportation is almost non-existent. Cars are unaffordable for many. A bicycle provides an affordable and robust means of transportation for the general public.

Of course, you can hand in your bike (or a financial donation) all year round, after all, the people in Africa don’t just need a means of transport in January. And actually, almost everyone still has an old bike somewhere in the basement or front yard, don’t they?

Pic by Tom Austin on unsplash

Mail with heart

Unfortunately, there are far too many lonely people all over the world – which does not make the corona pandemic any better. That’s why a wonderful campaign is starting again today to put a smile on the faces of these people. Post mit Herz fights against loneliness, establishes contact and gives courage and joy to those affected. How does the whole thing work? – super easy.

You register on the website and get directly the address of a social institution that will then distribute your card. Then you get a nice postcard and write some lovely words on it, no matter what they are. The main thing is that they come from the heart. And last but not least, you simply stick a stamp on it and drop the card in the nearest mailbox. The institution then gives your card to one of the recipients, showing him or her that someone is thinking of them.

Pic by pure Julia on unsplash

But, as I said: No matter if it’s Christmas time or not, you can always help and do good! In addition to the actions and projects mentioned above, there are many other projects in which you can get involved. Just a small donation in kind to children’s homes or homeless people. Or help out now and then in the next soup kitchen or at the train station mission, look for volunteer positions on or or or… There is so much you can do!

If you’d rather put your impact on travel, check out socialbnb and book your sustainable accommodation – because here you’re already doing something really good with a simple overnight stay. For some inspiration and tips, check out this post…. – or just scroll through the blog!

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