Culinary journey through socialbnbs - best recipes for you

Culinary journey through our socialbnbs – the best recipes for you

Food connects people, doesn’t it? Do you love trying out new dishes from other cultures? Then this is exactly the right place for you. Today we present three socialbnbs where you can cook with the locals and also give you the best recipes from the respective country. Grab your spoons, set, go!

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First stop: Nepal

Anyone who has already traveled to Nepal knows that this country has an incredible variety of things to offer – both in terms of natural surroundings and in terms of buildings, traditions, cuisine and people. But let’s stay with the culinary today. Especially popular among the Nepalese are various (lentil) curries as well as soups, rice and noodle dishes. In addition, there is usually meat – chicken, beef or lamb.

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Our recipe recommendation from Nepal

We present you a vegetarian dish: Momos. These are filled dumplings, but of course they can also be filled with meat. You can modify them according to your taste:

Cocina Mitho Chha – Association Nepal Aki, Nepal

This socialbnb is a social enterprise founded with the goal of empowering youth through education by teaching them a variety of different skills in the tourism and hospitality sectors. Scholarships are offered to students from different backgrounds to give them a chance for a better future.

All funds for the operation of the school and the scholarships come from the BNB, the restaurant, the cooking classes for local Nepalese dishes and the training fees of the students. Your overnight stay thus supports the training programs of the youth in the hospitality industry.

Picture by Cocina Mitho Chha - Association Nepal Aki

Cocina Mitho Chha school offers hospitality training programs including hotel management, cooking, baking, bartending, food and beverage service, barista, housekeeping, front office and English courses. So, are you interested in a Nepalese cooking class?

Picture by Cocina Mitho Chha - Association Nepal Aki

Second stop: Greece

We travel to the country where the Olympic Games originated: Greece. Greece is known for its history, numerous ancient buildings and unique vacation experiences. In addition, of course, for the extremely delicious food! Gyros, souvlaki, tzatziki come directly to mind.

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Our recipe recommendation from Nepal

What you must have tried is the classic Greek moussaka – a baked eggplant casserole. Today we have brought you the following recipe:

Tinos Ecolodge, Greece

Our socialbnb Tinos Ecolodge offers you an eco-friendly accommodation on the island of Tinos. The natural resources of the island are used in a sustainable way, creating an autonomous, state-of-the-art, off-grid system. The accommodation is powered exclusively by solar energy, only local stones are used for construction, and rainwater is collected and treated. The waste water is also stored for irrigation. Thus, your stay generally supports the development of environmentally friendly tourism on the island of Tinos.

Picture by Tinos Ecolodge

Most of the vegetables are home-grown, waste is minimized and recycled, and they participate in local nature-based activities. So as a traveler, you’re guaranteed to leave a minimal environmental footprint with your stay, while learning firsthand about sustainable living approaches. Now that’s what we call real sustainability – you can get some great tips on regional cooking here.

Picture by Tinos Ecolodge

Third stop: Colombia

The country of Colombia is especially known for its coffee and offers both unique beaches and colorful colonial cities. In addition, the food is said to be a local highlight and full of nutrients. We have a classic Colombian recipe for you to try!

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Our best recipe recommendation from Colombia

In Colombia as well as in Nicaragua or Costa Rica, a traditional dish is very popular: Gallo Pinto. This is a rice and bean pan. Here you can learn how to cook it:

Fundación Montecito, Colombia

This socialbnb contributes to environmental and wetland conservation by implementing sustainable principles at the High Andes Lake Tota – the largest lake in Colombia – and creating a model for ecological harmony through private nature reserves. The goal is to motivate and assist in achieving sustainability and positive change in both the Boyaca and Santander regions. This is done through both stakeholder participation and initiative development.

Picture by Fundación Montecito

To achieve these goals, two nature reserves have been established. In parallel, small projects are being developed on topics such as biodiversity, water, sanitation, climate protection and tourism. So your overnight stay will help to ensure the sustainability of Lake Tota and the preservation of the nature reserves.

Picture by catamejia18 on Pixabay

Have you cooked one of the recipes with friends, family or on your own? Then send us a photo of your cooking attempts and we’ll share it on our social media.

If you are more interested in the country of Nepal, check out this blog post. Here you can learn how to travel socially in Nepal.

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