• schickSAAL* Lübeck – way more than just a hostel

    In the middle of Lübeck's mini-neighborhood you'll find the schickSAAL*, a collectively run, queer-feminist and anarchist project. In addition to the hostel, it also includes an event venue, a pub and a café. In schickSAAL a creative and lively place for life-enriching encounters is to emerge. Spaces and offers will be designed in the sense of a 'politicized aestheticism'.

  • Your stay in Nairobi: 5 great insider tips

    Picture by: Mustafa Omar on unsplash

    Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is also known as the "City of the Sun". More than 4 million people live in the vibrant capital, offers culture enthusiasts, animal fans and adventurers so much. The special thing about the city: almost nowhere else is the wilderness as close to the city as it is here. The Nairobi National Park lies virtually at the gates of the city and is the world's…

  • Our top 5 accommodations in Southeast Asia for you

    Picture by socialbnb

    Breathtaking landscapes, new cultures, unknown food, temples, metropolises… The largest continent on earth has all this and much more to offer. Especially Southeast Asia has become a super popular travel destination in recent years – especially for backpackers. In the following, we have compiled our top 5 accommodations in the classic Southeast Asia backpacking round trip countries. Here you will find countless other accommodations that are not only really cool,…