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Berlin Travel Festival 2022

We were at the Berlin Travel Festival 2022 from November 25 to November 27. Find out what the idea of the fair is, which people were part of it and what role we as the socialbnb team played at the event.

Picture by Peter Mate

The idea behind the Berlin Travel Festival

Drastic global changes have not only altered our view of the world, but have also made cherished habits and routines obsolete or, at times, absurd. On the one hand, we questioned our own travel behavior; on the other hand, we were forced to replan our trips. – Be it because there are new travel regulations, because certain travel formats and destinations no longer seem up-to-date, or because we simply lack the money.

It is precisely these global changes that the event addresses and aims to show ways in which people can travel individually and in different ways. For this purpose, various exhibitors, travel professionals and interested parties come together at Messe Berlin and engage in a joint exchange. Visitors could take part in exciting pitches or panel talks on relevant tourism topics and meet all exhibitors in person at the booth.

Exhibitors of the fair

Of course, a tourism fair includes interested people who want to get in touch with exhibitors in the field of travel. Individuals were able to meet destination management organizations such as countries, cities and regions at the Berlin Travel Festival. Exhibitors with a focus on transportation were also represented – from bicycle to car to airplane travel.

Furthermore, accommodation providers were also among the exhibitors, as were tour operators. Last but not least, the Berlin Travel Festival 2022 also featured travel books, such as travel guides, and exhibitors in the field of “Travel & Lifestyle“, who would like to provide travelers with the necessary equipment and clothing for their next trip.

Our task at the Berlin Travel Festival

We are grateful to have been part of this year’s Travel Festival. At our booth, interested people had the opportunity to learn more about our social business approach or social travel in general. Specific questions about our work or even shared values could be exchanged. The direct contact with people interested in sustainable travel is extremely valuable for us as a startup and we took any feedback to heart.

In a short pitch, Alex, one of our founders, was able to explain the goals of socialbnb and make our platform accessible to those interested. We’re looking forward to everything coming up and more cool opportunities to bring socialbnb to people and meet you in person.

Picture by socialbnb
Picture by socialbnb

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