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Looking for adventure? 5 unique places for camping

You won’t get any closer to nature and adventure – camping is the motto. Simple, uncomplicated and authentic. Get in touch with interesting people in an intact nature and alternative accommodation. Treat yourself to a relaxing break from stressful everyday life with this kind of overnight stay or go start looking for a real adventure. Either way, it’s nice to relax in a cozy place after a long day. Here you can find out where you can do this best.

Bulungula Lodge, South Africa

Start your day right – how does sunrise with sea view with a cup of coffee or tea at one of the most beautiful places in South Africa sound to you? From the safari tents in the forest you have a unique view over the ocean and can even spot dolphins. The eco-friendly tents are about 15 square meters and can be booked as single or double rooms. Washrooms are located in a separate building.

As with all socialbnbs, your overnight stay offers social added value, maintaining the Wild Coast on the one hand and supporting the local culture of the Xhosa community from the lively and traditional Nqileni village on the other. You will be invited to learn more about the Xhosa culture and have authentic encounters with inspiring locals. To protect the environment, life is made as sustainable as possible, with the lodge powered by solar electricity and water generated from its own borehole for “rocket hot showers”.

Cool activities are definitely not missed during your stay here. The Wild Coast offers you a beautiful, intact nature with endless beaches. These invite you to hike along the coast. Furthermore, countless activities are offered. These include: Fishing, canoeing, hiking, horse riding, massages, pancakes at sunrise, village tours, herbal tours, cultural tours, learning to play the drums and surfing.

Fundación Laboratorio Bosque de Niebla, Colombia

Where, if not here at a breathtaking height of 3,200 meters and surrounded by unique landscapes, can you really relax? Near Bogotá you can spend the night with up to three friends on the green campsite and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A small challenge for you is the last stretch to the campsite, as you have to make it on foot or by bike – challenge accepted.

The Fundación Laboratorio Bosque de Niebla, or LABNI Foundation, is committed to the conservation, research and social appropriation of Colombian biological and cultural diversity, which you can support through your camping stay. The goal is to contribute to the knowledge, use and sustainable management of biodiversity, as well as to contribute to the local development of communities in a global context. To create opportunities for local communities, LABNI contributes as a driver of sustainable development to provide sustainable tourism services.

Near the socialbnb you can do numerous activities such as bird watching, helping with local fruit growing, biking, planting trees, participating in hikes to rivers and waterfalls, exploring the city of Bogotá or the beautiful Chingaza National Park.

Yurtengarten, Portugal

Just escape and experience something new. Far away from the Portuguese urban jungle, you have the opportunity to camp in the hinterland of the Algarve and this for a good purpose!

Your overnight stay supports both bird conservation and the preservation of biodiversity in general in the hinterland of the Algarve. In addition, financial support is given to the regional community, which is struggling with migration – among other things as a result of a bush fire. Reforestation is intended to ensure the preservation and increase of biodiversity. For this reason, the project is already working with the nature conservation organization SPEA, which is dedicated to bird conservation and insect/amphibian protection in the region. In the process of reforestation, the region is to become more attractive again for nature lovers and birdwatchers.

Take part in local vegetarian or vegan cooking classes and interact with locals, try a Portuguese course, or go on unique hikes as well as trekking tours in the Algarve hinterland. The Via Algarviana long-distance hiking trail, managed by the environmental organization Almargem, is emphasized as a special hike. City tours in Tavira or exploring the area by bike should also be on your list.

Litro de Luz, Dominican Republic

To heat up your wanderlust, we don’t want to keep this camping spot from you! In the middle of a cocoa farm in the Caribbean, you can pitch your tent or rent one – so that’s super special and adventurous.

The big problem in local communities is too much plastic waste and irregular power supply. By staying at this socialbnb you will be supporting the project, which aims to develop mobile solar charging batteries and lamps for families in rural areas. The project work seeks to address technical and resource issues, as well as inequalities in communities, by producing solar lamps and cell phone chargers from recycled materials. A sustainable waste management system is to be created from the waste problem. In the process, young people are being trained to become part of this solar revolution and secure jobs in the renewable energy industry.

If you are interested in the project work, you can take a tour to see the solar lanterns on site. You can also take part in an exciting chocolate tour or hike to nearby rivers or waterfalls.

Red Rocks Initiatives For Sustainable Development, Rwanda

Listen to the soothing sound of nature and really immerse yourself in another culture? That’s possible here! At the green campsite in Musanze you can spend the night in a nice community and participate in numerous cultural activities – how exciting!

Your overnight stay at this socialbnb will benefit the socially, economically and environmentally sustainable community development of Red Rocks Intercultural Center. It’s all about community, wildlife, sustainable tourism and travel, and how through the authentic cultural tourism program, the community as a whole and conservation are enhanced. The tourism industry should provide a sustainable and reliable source of funding; in turn, tourists should be educated about conservation.

Try something new and get engaged in traditional dance and pottery classes with locals. Banana beer demonstrations, cow dung paintings and city tours are also highly recommended. If you like hiking as much as we do, a trip to the Volcanoes National Park is definitely worth it. You are also welcome to visit the project.

Camping is not the only sustainable way to travel. Feel free to read this blog post about new and alternative ways to travel and get some inspiration.

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