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5 tips for your trip in Austria

City, country or rather river? Austria combines everything your vacation heart desires. Especially in terms of outdoor activities and active and recreational vacations, Austria and its beautiful regions stand out as a paradise for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. We have 5 tips for you that will make your trip in Austria an unforgettable experience.

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1. Off to the city

First of all, we want to introduce you to our top 5 cities in Austria. Have you already been to one of them or even more? Feel free to let us know.

Vienna – the most livable city in the world

For several years now, Austria’s beautiful capital city has been ranked first in The Economist’s ranking of cities with the highest quality of life in the world – as it is again in 2022. Factors such as infrastructure, healthcare, education and stability are taken into account. Just over one fifth of the Austrian population lives in Vienna. Did you know that residents can buy an annual ticket for public transportation in Vienna for 365 euros? So you can use the buses and trains every day for one euro – we love that!

We also love the traffic light figures in the metropolis, some of them appearing in pairs – including same-sex couples. Vienna offers you countless possibilities as a traveler. Relax with a picnic in one of the beautiful gardens or parks, explore castles, museums and other historical buildings or enjoy the local cuisine in one of the many restaurants.

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Salzburg – the birthplace of Mozart

Salzburg owes its name to the numerous salt mines around the city. In the past, Salzburg lived from salt production. The oldest restaurant in Europe is located here – the St. Peter Stiftskeller, which was founded in 803 AD.

However, Salzburg is probably best known for the musician and composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was born in the city in 1756 and whose home is located on the market square. Both the residence and the birthplace are today’s museums reminding us of his extraordinary childhood. Numerous concerts, festivals and guided tours of the city make it possible to experience the spirit of Mozart in Salzburg even today. If you are in Salzburg, you should try some of the Mozartkugeln named after Mozart. This is a creation of marzipan with pistachios, coated in nougat and dark chocolate.

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Innsbruck – the perfect place for winter sports

Do you know the colorful house facades of Innsbruck directly in front of the gigantic Alps? In just 20 minutes you can take the funicular from the city to the top and do some sports. In fact, Innsbruck is also known for sports. Already five Olympic Winter Games took place here. But also in summer you can indulge in numerous outdoor activities such as mountaineering.

Furthermore, Innsbruck is known for its buildings from the imperial era and its modern architecture. Among other things, the beautiful Hofkirche is worth a visit!

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Graz – the historical and modern city at the same time

Graz is the second largest city in Austria after Vienna. The lively, cosmopolitan and rapidly growing city shows you on the one hand its cultural side and on the other hand the side of a young and modern university city. Stroll through the winding, narrow streets of the old town and stop at small restaurants. Take the cable car up to the Schlossberg and enjoy the view over the city and the clock tower – the landmark of Graz.

Almost every sixth inhabitant of the city is a student at the University of Graz. Would you like to spend a semester abroad here?

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Linz – the city of art directly at the Danube

There is also a lot to experience in Linz. Exploring the city, relaxing in nature, browsing in individual stores or discovering Linz from a boat are just a few ideas we have collected for you. The city is characterized by exciting architecture and experimental art. The Danube – the longest river in Europe – flows through the city center.

We say: let’s go to Linz and get your own impression of this beautiful city.

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2. Time out away from the tourist crowd

You’ve had enough of big cities and want to finally get some peace and quiet? No problem! The best place to recharge your batteries is in the countryside. Our lovely Tiny House Esperanza is located between Vienna and Linz in Oberndorf an der Melk. Enjoy the Esperanza farm; your Tiny House offers you a cozy place to sleep, a bathroom, a kitchenette and an outdoor terrace.

Like every socialbnb, Esperanza also offers social added value. With your overnight stay, you support an animal-assisted, educational program for children and young people. The Esperanza center provides a living space for nine children and adolescents in a residential community and accompanies them on their way to independence. A total of about 70 animals live on the farm: donkeys, horses, sheep, alpacas, mules, pigs, chickens, ducks, budgies, guinea pigs, cats, dogs and a turtle.

The nearby surroundings offer excellent conditions for hiking, walking and cycling in the heart of the Lower Austrian Mostviertel. Among other things, the Erlauf Gorge in Purgstall, seven kilometers from the farm, is a popular excursion and hiking destination in the region. The Melktal cycle route and the Erlauftal cycle path are easily accessible for cyclists from Esperanza. Melk Abbey, a baroque world heritage site in the Wachau region, and the Renaissance Schallaburg Castle offer regular exhibitions and are known as cultural centers in the region – just take a look.

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3. Jumping into the next mountain adventure

Austria offers you the opportunity to be active in sports all year round. Due to its topographical diversity, you can enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities in the country – jackpot! If you are drawn to the mountains, then let’s go. Whether hiking, climbing, biking, paragliding or skiing. What always accompanies you is a fantastic panorama.

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4. Working out with water sports

You are a true water lover and are looking for a new cool activity for you alone or in a group? Then Austria is really a fantastic fit for you. Choose between sporty but enjoyable activities like kayaking or canoeing or adrenaline activities like rafting or kitesurfing.

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5. Pure relaxation through Slow Life activities

What we would like to share with you for every vacation: you don’t have to experience something “special” every day. Sometimes a little picnic by the lake with a good book or a card game in good company does just as much good as a discovery tour through a new city. You don’t waste time soaking up a place and just relaxing. So don’t pack your vacation calendar too full of appointments. After all, you want to come back refreshed, don’t you?

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