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Your trip to Cambodia is coming soon? Are you finished planning? If you don’t belong to the type of really spontaneous travellers, you probably have thought about what you wanna see in Cambodia. We want to support your planning and give you some hints, what could be interesting for your next adventure!

  1. The must-see: Angkor Wat
    • Having received nearly 40.000 reviews and being the number one on Tripadvisor – it is impossible to miss Angkor Wat when visiting Cambodia. It is located near to the popular city Siem Reap and easy to reach by Tuk Tuk. The temple complex is absolutely worth being visited for a day!
    • Socialbnb tip: Experience the sunrise at Angkor Wat.
  2. The tourists favorite: Bayon temple
    • The 800 years old temple complex is located in Angkor as well. So it is easy to connect those two spots when planning your trip. You can see many ziggurats and stone faces and figures, which represent the Buddha of Compassion.
    • Socialbnb tip: Best travel period is from December until April.
  3. The social one: NGO Apogo
    • Apogo is a NGO, which fights against the dangers of landmines and tuberculosis by using trained rats. The animals are specially trained to detect mines and to diagnose tuberculosis.
    • Socialbnb tip: If you want to support the project but don’t have the time to visit the place, have a look at their website:  https://www.apopo.org/en
  4. The insider tip: Jungle cooking class
    • We can really recommend you joining a cooking class in the wilderness. In the middle of the national park you cook your own three courses menu using very simple tools and a fireplace.
    • Socialbnb tip: Visit the website of Eco Tours for more information and inspirations.
  5. The adventure: Elephant Commuinity Project
    • The local initiative offers you an unique possibility to see elephants in their natural environment. Animal welfare is considered as the priority and the local community Bunong is supported by this initiative as well. They offer different tours, which can also include traditional meals or overnight stays.
    • Socialbnb tip: Take the chance to get close to the animals without worrying about animal welfare.

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