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4 unique accommodations – a different kind of vacation

You want an adventure and unforgettable vacation experiences? Anyone can travel normally. But in 2022, the motto is: the more unusual the accommodation, the better. Today, we’re introducing you to four unique accommodations that are currently an essential part of tourism. You want a different kind of vacation – here’s how to get it.

Picture by Ilona Ilyés on Pixabay

Where can I find unique accommodations?

Good news for you: you can find unique accommodations all over the world. So you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to experience an adventure. To introduce you to one of our natural and special accommodations, feel free to click on the link and get to know our socialbnb Sustainable Amazon – Finca Las Piedras.

Like all our socialbnbs, your overnight stay has an impact on the local project – here you support the research, education and reforestation projects in the Peruvian Amazon. The view from your room is unique! Now we move on to four clearly different and at the same time special types of accommodation.

Picture by Sustainable Amazon - Finca Las Piedras

1. The Natural Tree House Hotel

In the tree house hotel you can literally let your soul relax. Surrounded by beautiful scenery and impressive forests, you can hear the birds chirping and soak up the tranquility of nature. Finally, you can get away from everyday life and focus on yourself. The activities are right on your doorstep and it doesn’t get much closer to nature than this!

Take a hike, meditate, read a good book, watch forest animals from a distance or have a coffee and enjoy the view. Would you like to spend the night in a tree house?

Picture by NatureFriend on Pixabay

2. The Exciting Underwater Accommodation

If the height of the tree house hotel is nothing for you, you can also get the complete opposite by going down into the depths – and even underwater. Watching fish directly from the hotel room must be spectacular and truly unique. You probably can’t get any closer to experiencing the depth of the ocean. This is an extraordinary but maybe a bit expensive experience. For a special occasion, you might want to keep this accommodation in mind, because it should be worth it.

Picture by Poseidon Resort Fiji

3. The Unique Bubble Hotel

Watching the stars, sleeping (almost) under the open sky and in the middle of beautiful surroundings. The French designer Pierre-Stephane Dumas has come up with something very special. The Bubble Hotel offers its guests a stay with a spectacular view and a feeling of freedom. The bubbles – or cubes – are of course particularly suitable in places where far-sightedness is worthwhile. For example, in Scandinavia, to view the Northern Lights from bed.

Picture by Bubble Hotel Bali Nyang Nyang

4. The Comfy Train Caboose

Have you ever tried a train journey? By that, we don’t mean that you’ve traveled to your vacation destination by train, but that the train is your accommodation – a bit like Murder on the Orient Express without the murder and maybe without the Orient. If you don’t necessarily want to drive, but just want a slightly different overnight experience, you can keep an eye out for train stations. Sleeping in cute little train coaches – not everyone experienced that. Were there any inspiring tips for you? Let us know.

Picture by Featherbed Railroad Bed & Breakfast

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